Bogdan Tsiganenko: Second Suspect In Darya Dugina's Killing Identified; Ukrainian Man Assembled Explosive Device That Killed Alexander Dugin's daughter

Russia has identified the second suspect in the assassination of Darya Dugina, daughter of Alexander Dugin. Bogdan Tsiganenko is the man who assisted the primary suspect in assembling the explosive device that killed Dugina near Moscow.

Tsiganenko is a Ukrainian citizen and had also helped Natalya Vovk, primary suspect, to obtain a fake Kazakhstani passport , according to Russia's Federal Security Service. He is claimed to have entered the Russian Federation in late June from Estonia.

Bogdan Tsiganenko
Bogdan Tsiganenko Twitter

Tsiganenko Left Russia A Day Before Assassination Of Dugina

The suspected 42-year-old bombmaker left the country a day before Dugina was killed in the horrific car bomb blast.

Both suspects prepared the IED at a garage that they rented. The FSB has also released a picture of Tsiganenko, in which, he is seen travelling with Vovk in her car. They were seen while entering and leaving Russiana and used falsified number plates were used for the vehicle.

FSB Releases Picture of Tsiganenko With Vovk

The FSB released footage and images showing Vovk surveilling Dugina at a parking lot of the family festival where she presumably planted the bomb. The Ukrainian woman followed her target in her car and set off the explosion, which killed Dugina on the spot, according to the FSB, according to RT News.

Dugina, daughter of Putin ally Alexander Dugin died in a bomb blast near the Russian capital on August 21.

Her car was engulfed in flames after a bomb went off. Reports claimed that it was an assassination plot for Dugin as he was scheduled to travel with his daughter in the same car. But at the last moment, Dugin was shifted to another vehicle.

Alexander Dugin with Darya Dugina
Alexander Dugin with daughter Darya Dugina Twitter

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, which was blown up, belonged to Dugin.

Sanctions were imposed against Darya as his father Dugin is believed to be close to the Russian President and dubbed Putin's brain. The incident is believed to have taken place on a highway near the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy just outside Moscow.

Dugin encouraged the use of the term Novorossiya, which means new Russia. Putin used the term in 2014 to justify the Crimea annexation

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