Graphic Footage Shows Russian Mercenary Igor Mangushev Performing With Skull of Ukrainian Soldier In Front of Large Crowd (WATCH)

In a sickening incident, a Russian mercenary performed with a skull of a Ukrainian soldier in front of a large crowd. Igor Mangushev, showing the skull to the people present there, claimed that Russia is at war with the Ukrainian idea, so all "Ukrainians must be killed."

The footage of this horrifying incident is being shared on multiple social media platforms.

Mangushev, 36, is believed to be the head of a pro-Russian private army which has direct links to the FSB.

Igor Mangushev
Igor Mangushev Twitter

The skull is claimed to be that of a Ukrainian soldier who was killed during the fight near Azovstal steel plant in Ukraine. In the horrific footage, Mangushev, holding the skull in his hand says: "We're alive and this guy is already dead. Let him burn in hell. He wasn't lucky. We'll make a goblet out of his skull."

Ukraine Must Be De-Ukrainized

He continued to say that there can be reconciliation and stressed that Ukraine must be de-Ukrainized. "The Russian lands of Novorossiya must be returned back," said Mangushev.

The mercenary also highlighted that Russia is not at war with people of blood and flesh, but it's at war with the anti-Russian state, Ukraine. "We are not at war with people of blood and flesh. We are at war with an idea — Ukraine as an anti-Russian state."

Mangushev Shouts To Burn Houses Of Ukrainians

Claiming that it's a tragedy for Ukrainian soldiers, Mangushev stressed that Russian soldiers don't care how many Ukrainians they will have to kill in this war. "This is the tragedy of Ukrainian soldiers. We don't care how many we have to kill them."

When asked by an audience member if the skull definitely belonged to a soldier, Mangushev insisted: "This is definitely not a civilian, we killed him ourselves." "We will burn your houses, kill your families, take away your children and raise them Russians," he posted in his Telegram channel, according to The Sun.

Mangushev, whoose real name is Reimer, is creator of a private army ENOT and the head of nationalist movement Light Russia.

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