Who is Alexander Dugin? Man Dubbed Putin's Brain who Dodged Bid on Life Wants Putin To Control Europe

Alexander Dugin, the man who is dubbed as Russian President Vladimir Putin's brain, dodged an assassination attempt but lost his beloved daughter Darya Dugina.

Dugina's car was engulfed in flames after a bomb went off. Experts have suggested that it was an assassination plot for Dugin as he was scheduled to travel with his daughter in the same car. But at the last moment, Dugin was shifted to another vehicle.

Alexander Dugin
Alexander Dugin Twitter

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, which was blown up, belonged to Dugin.

Dugin Is A Far-Right Occult Writer

Dugin, who doesn't have any formal role in the Russian government, is a far-Right occult writer who used to edit the staunchly pro-Putin Tsargrad TV network.

It's also believed that Dugin exerts heavy influence over Putin and is also seen as his key advisor.

Alexander Dugin
Alexander Dugin Twitter

He encouraged the use of the term Novorossiya, which means new Russia. Putin used the term in 2014 to justify the Crimea annexation.

Russia's Rule 'From Dublin to Vladivostok'

He has also argued expansionist approach for Russia and in his 1997 book 'Foundations of Geopolitics', he advocated for Russian rule 'from Dublin to Vladivostok'.

Dugin used to claim that not capturing Ukraine would be a danger for Eurasia. In 2015, the US imposed sanctions against him as reports claimed that Dugin was recruiting fighters for Russia-backed forces in Ukraine.

Dugin, who was born in Moscow in 1962, began writing in the late 1980s, as the Soviet Union was falling apart. He is most famous for Foundations of Geopolitics, which sets out his ultranationalist and neo-fascist ideology of Neo-Eurasianism.

This belief states that the world is made up of "land powers" and "sea powers", and that as the great land nation, Russia should exert its influence over all of Europe and Asia, according to The Sun.

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