Bob Saget Killed with a Baseball Bat Inside His Hotel Room? Weird Theory Surfaces After Experts Question 'Head Trauma'

A detailed autopsy report of Bob Saget has revealed that prior to his death the actor fractured his skull in multiple places and sustained bleeding across both sides of his brain. The new findings have fueled another conspiracy theory suggesting the Saget was murdered inside his hotel room.

The 65-year-old, who was part of a standup tour, had performed a show in Jacksonville. Hours later, he was found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Florida.

Bob Saget
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Injuries Similar to Being Hit by a Baseball Bat- Experts

The autopsy report released by the Orange County Medical Examiner's Office stated that Saget was Covid positive at the time of his death which was caused by "blunt head trauma."

"It is in my opinion that the death of Robert Saget, a 65-year-old white male found unresponsive in a hotel room, is the result of blunt head trauma. It is the most probable that the decedent suffered an unwitnessed fall backwards and struck the posterior aspect of his head. The manner of death is accident," the statement from Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua D. Stephany said in his report.

Speaking to the New York Times, Dr. Gavin Britz, the chair in neurosurgery at Houston Methodist Hospital, dubbed Saget's injury as 'significant trauma.'

"This is something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet," he said, describing that Saget's fractures were not only widespread, but in particularly thick parts of his skull. "If you fracture your orbit, you have significant pain," he told the outlet while referring to the areas around the eyes.

Earlier, neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who's also CNN's chief medical correspondent, had expressed his concerns on the network's 'New Day'. "I think what it reveals more than anything else is this was not a simple bump on the head. When you read this autopsy report that may still be the case, but it was a pretty significant blow to the head," he said on the show.

"That takes a lot of force to do that. If I knew nothing else about what had happened, you'd think this was someone who had fallen down the stairs and had several impacts to the head or been unrestrained in a car accident," Gupta said.

New Conspiracy Theory Stirs Up on Social Media

The new findings stirred up another conspiracy theory hinting at a foul play in Saget's death. In a tweet, Former AUSA-SDNY Richard Signorelli also hinted at the possibility of foul play. "No wrongdoing found. Something doesn't make sense given his severe head injuries," he tweeted.

Many social media users even claimed that the comedian was murdered using a baseball bat and investigation should be initiated in the matter.

"Are we just going to pretend that ANY of this makes sense? If he hit his head that hard that they describe it like being hit by a baseball bat to the head or thrown out of a car how did he get up, think nothing of it, and then go to bed?" tweeted a user.

"Bob Saget's autopsy results are a little shocking to say the least...Was he murdered?" wrote a user.

"Bob Saget was most likely murdered. At least that is what this is saying imo. So who killed him and what motive would they have?" read another tweet.