Bluetooth fixing automatic update for Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL fails to resolve the issue

The problem has shifted its nature for some phones, from being disabled randomly to now being disconnected even if the option showing 'enable'

Google Pixel and Pixel XL users had reportedly began complaining about the troubles they started having with the Bluetooth of their devices ever since the company released the Android security patch in February.

Google not only acknowledged the problem but also released a fixing update to the said phones. In fact the company made the update automatic so that the users don't need to download anything to get the fix.

The issue with these devices generally revolved around the automatic disabling of the phone's Bluetooth and now the only problem is the newly released update to fix the problem doesn't seem to resolve the issue of the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

Based on the reactions posted on Google's forum page by the users, the Bluetooth connectivity issue is still very much alive even after the devices got the update, as per Phone Arena. Also, one user said that his/her Bluetooth doesn't disable at random but it gets disconnected from his/her smartwatch and remains that way.

Google is yet to issue a public statement regarding its automated bug fixing update that is clearly not doing what it was supposed to.