Google finds fix for random Bluetooth shutdown issues with Pixel, Pixel XL and others

Google confirms fix for unexpected Bluetooth shutdown issues will be rolled out soon.

Google Pixel
Google identifies a fix for random Bluetooth shutdown issues with Pixel, Pixel XL and others

Several hundreds of Google Pixel and Pixel XL users have been reporting random Bluetooth shutdown issues on their handsets, wherein the feature unexpectedly turns off without the user's consent. The issue seems to recur after some time even after trying to manually enable the Bluetooth feature on the affected phones.

The random Bluetooth Shutdown issues have been reported on several Reddit threads and Google Product Forum posts, wherein the recent February security update has been blamed by users as the root cause of this problem.

Meanwhile, some users have also been reporting issues with Bluetooth calling which is allegedly caused by a recent Phone app update.

Although the Bluetooth shutdown issues were initially reported on Pixel and Pixel XL, some users have complained about similar Bluetooth connection drops on various threads pertaining to the Nexus 6P subreddit section.

It is now ascertained that the privilege escalation fix for Bluetooth in the February security patch could have broken the feature and thereby leading to unexpected Bluetooth shutdown problems.

On the contrary, the widespread Bluetooth issues on non-Google devices has lead to another theory suggesting that the problem could be arising from Google Play Services and not the recent security patch.

Amid the prevailing speculative theories regarding the cause of Bluetooth issues, a Google community manager has confirmed via official product forums that a fix has been found and it would be released in the upcoming Nougat updates for Pixel, Pixel XL and Nexus 6P.