Blue Dragon Film Awards 2023 Complete Winners List

Blue Dragon Film Awards 2023 winners were announced through a worldwide live broadcast at the KBS Hall in Yeouido on Friday (November 24) at 8.30 pm KST. Any film made by a Korean national and released after November 1, 2022, with a running time of 40 minutes was eligible for nominations. A panel of expert judges selected the winners, which were announced on the day of the event.

The annual award ceremony first launched in 1963, took place on Friday (November 24) with a star-studded lineup of celebrities. Around 40 movies that made their way to the final list were screened to the public during selection. The award ceremony opened after the screening. Sports Chosun presented the annual award ceremony for excellence in cinematic achievements.

Some Star Awards over the years include Lee Ji Eun for Broker, Go Kyung Pyo for Decision to Leave, Daniel Henney and Im Yoon Ah for Confidential Assignment 2: International, Koo Kyo Hwan for Escape from Mogadishu, Im Yoon Ah for Miracle: Letters to the President, Song Joong Ki for Space Sweepers, and Jeon Yeo Been for Night in Paradise.

Blue Dragon Film Awards 2021
Blue Dragon Film Awards

The award categories included Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best New Director, Best New Actor, Best New Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Short Film, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography and Lighting, Best Editing, Best Music, and Technical Award. Smugglers topped the nomination list this year with 12 nods.

How to Watch?

Kim Hye Soo hosted the annual award show for the 30th and the last time. Since the star-studded event is known for its transparent and fair judgment, moviegoers looked forward to it.

KBS telecasted the award show live online for moviegoers in various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, France, Kuwait, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. People watched the ceremony live online on KBS2 and the official YouTube channel.

Blue Dragon Film Awards 2023 Winners List:

Best Film

  • Concrete Utopia
  • Next Sohee
  • Smugglers - WINNER
  • The Night Owl
  • Cobweb

Best Director

  • Um Tae Hwa for Concrete Utopia - WINNER
  • Kim Jee Woon for Cobweb
  • Ryu Seung Wan for Smugglers
  • Lee Han for Honey Sweet
  • Jung Ju Ri for Next Sohee

Best Actor

  • Lee Byung Hun for Concrete Utopia - WINNER
  • Doh Kyung Soo for The Moon
  • Ryu Jun Yeol for The Night Owl
  • Yoo Hae Jin for Honey Sweet
  • Song Kang Ho for Cobweb

Best Actress

  • Kim Seo Hyung for Green House
  • Kim Hye Soo for Smugglers
  • Park Bo Young for Concrete Utopia
  • Yum Jung Ah for Smugglers
  • Jung Yu Mi for Sleep - WINNER

Best Supporting Actor

  • Park Jeong Min for Smugglers
  • Song Joong Ki for Hopeless
  • Lee Joon Hyuk for The Roundup: No Way Out
  • Oh Jung Se for Cobweb
  • Zo In Sung for Smugglers - WINNER

Best Supporting Actress

  • Krystal Jung for Cobweb
  • Kim Sun Young for Concrete Utopia
  • Jeon Yeo Been for Cobweb - WINNER
  • Han Sun Hwa for Honey Sweet
  • Lee Yoon Ji for Dream Palace

Best New Actor

  • Lee Shin Young for Rebound
  • Kim Seon Ho for The Childe
  • Kang Tae Joo for The Childe
  • Choi Min Young for Dream Palace
  • Hong Xa Bin for Hopeless - WINNER

Best New Actress

  • Kim Si Eun for Next Sohee
  • Go Min Si for Smugglers - WINNER
  • Kim Hyung Seo for Hopeless
  • Ahn Eun Jin for The Night Owl
  • An So Yo for Green House

Best New Director

  • Ka Sung Moon for Dream Palace
  • Kim Chang Hoon for Hopeless
  • Ahn Tae Jin for The Night Owl - WINNER
  • Jason Yu for Sleep
  • Lee Sol Hui for Green House

Best Screenplay

  • Jung Ju Ri for Next Sohee - WINNER
  • Lee Shin Ji, Um Tae Hwa for Concrete Utopia
  • Hyun Eun Mi, Ahn Tae Jin for The Night Owl
  • Ryoo Seung Wan, Kim Jeong Yeon, Choi Cha Won for Smugglers
  • Shin Yeon Shick for Cobweb

Best Editing

  • Kim Sun Min for The Night Owl - WINNER
  • Han Mi Yeon for Sleep
  • Han Mi Yeon for Concrete Utopia
  • Yang Jin Mo for Cobweb
  • Lee Gang Hee for Smugglers

Best Cinematography and Lighting

  • Kim Jee Yong, Park Jun Woo for Cobweb
  • Kim Young Ho, Hwang Soon Wook for The Moon
  • Choi Yeong Hwan, Lee Jae Hyuk for Smugglers
  • Kim Tae Kyeong, Hong Seung Chul for The Night Owl - WINNER
  • Cho Hyoung Rae, Lee Kil Kyu for Concrete Utopia

Best Art Direction

  • Lee Hoo Kyoung for Smugglers
  • Kim Min Hye for Ballerina
  • Cho Hwa Sung, Choi Hyun Seouk for Concrete Utopia
  • Jung Yi Jin for Cobweb - WINNER
  • Lee Ha Jun for The Night Owl

Best Music

  • Mowg for Cobweb
  • Kim Hae Won for Concrete Utopia
  • Chang Kiha for Smugglers - WINNER
  • Gray for Ballerina
  • Hwang Sang Jun for Hero

Technical Award

  • Jin Jong Hyun for VFX in The Moon - WINNER
  • Eun Jae Hyun for VFX in Concrete Utopia
  • Yoon Jung Hee for Costume Design in Smugglers
  • Heo Myeong Hoeng, Yoon Sung Min for Stunt in The Roundup: No Way Out
  • Park Yong Ki for Sound in The Night Owl

Chung Jung Won Best Short Film

  • Ghwa the Last Name - WINNER
  • A Room of Two Women's Own
  • World of Hello
  • Yangnimdong girl
  • Good Boy Candy

Chung Jung Won Popular Star Award

  • Song Joong Ki
  • Zo In Sung
  • Kim Seon Ho
  • Park Bo Young

Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Film

  • The Roundup: No Way Out - WINNER
  • Smugglers
  • Concrete Utopia
  • The Night Owl
  • Hero
This article was first published on November 24, 2023