Blair Featherman: Bikini-Clad Colorado Karen and Feng Shui Expert Goes on Racist Rant Against Hispanic Family for Hosting 'Mexican Party by the Pool' [WATCH]

As the situation escalated, a crowd of several onlookers gathered, and eventually, the police arrived at the scene.

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A bikini-clad Karen in Lakewood, Colorado, was caught on camera unleashing a racially fueled verbal assault targeting a Latino family, calling them "trash," for hosting a pool party around the Fourth of July. A TikTok video, shared by a family member, shows the woman getting so irate that it required intervention from a man within her own party to physically restrain her.

The woman involved in the incident has been identified as Blair Featherman from Lakewood. At one point during the tirade, she even says that they should "go back down to Denver" and berated them for "not knowing what Hermes is."

Losing Her Mind

Blair Featherman
The woman seen yelling at the Hispanic family for having a party by the pool Twitter

The incident occurred at Blair Featherman's apartment complex, where the cost of renting condos can reach up to $6,500 per month. Featherman, 49, was recorded lashing out at the family during the racist tirade.

"You have a f—king Mexican party in a pool. Trash," she can be heard yelling in the video.

Featherman suddenly became aware that she was being recorded and tried to grab the phone.

"You can't do that. You can't just record me," she then shouted while she marched toward the camera and slapped the phone out of their hand.

The video then cuts to Featherman as she continues to argue with the family, sitting on a lounge chair. A man can be seen standing near her, still on the phone, seemingly preventing her from approaching the family.

"You're nasty! You smell," she screamed, pointing her finger toward those huddling around her.

At one point she is heard angrily telling the family, who had been having a poolside bash: "I live here, nowhere you ever came from, you f****** low-class slime."

She then screams: "You don't even know what Hermes is!" to which one of the women in the crowd flashes her scandals saying: "I have it on my scandals, b***h."

Blair Featherman
Blair Featherman seen charging the Hispanic family Twitter

The woman, amid her offensive tirade, was physically restrained to the chair by the man to prevent her from further engaging in the disturbing rant.

As the situation escalated, a crowd of several onlookers gathered, and eventually, the police arrived at the scene.

However, Featherman continued to shout and harass the family, even resorting to expletives such as "Get the f*** out" during the altercation.

Blair Featherman
Blair Featherman has to be restrained by one of teh men from her own party Twitter

"I live here, nowhere you ever came from, you f–king low-class slime," she shouted.

Colorado Karen

It's unclear what led to the altercation between the woman and the family.

Following the incident, many people have begun referring to Featherman as a 'racist Karen.' The video of the altercation, which escalated to a physical confrontation, quickly gained significant attention, amassing over 1 million views within a few hours.

Blair Featherman
Blair Featherman LinkedIn

According to, Featherman, the woman involved in the incident, was previously employed at Master's Gallery Denver. The gallery released a statement to distance themselves from her actions, explicitly condemning any expressions of hatred or racism.

Master's Gallery Denver said in a statement: "It has come to our attention that a former employee has appeared on social media expressing hateful and offensive statements.

"Master's Gallery Denver has not employed this individual for over 5 years and condemns any actions or statements expressing hatred or racism.

"We represent and support artists and people of all background and will continue to do so.'

Additionally, Featherman runs her own home staging and interior design business called Spatial Flow By Design Inc, where she claims expertise in Feng Shui—an art aimed at creating tranquility and harmony through the arrangement of objects in a room.

However, Featherman's outburst, which has gone viral online and incited uproar, lacked those characteristics.

Blair Featherman
Blair Featherman tried to stop the person who was recording her Twitter

The woman who posted the clip online wrote: "According to this karen all mexicans are low class. I hope this video is found by her coworkers, family and friends.

"Acting like this at family BBQ with children is absolutely disgusting.

"Its so sad when your racially profiled just because of your skin color. We received so much support from the last video posted.

"Lets keep comments appropriate so we can continue to spread awareness. Justice will be served when we receive an apology (which we still haven't)."

According to the original post by the TikTok user, the group involved in the incident was a family attempting to enjoy a BBQ, with children present.

The video concludes with a final scene showing three police officers engaged in a conversation with both the woman and the man at the pool before coming to an end.

No criminal charges were filed, the Lakewood Police Department said.