Is Blackpink's Jennie The Reason why Han Ye Seul Broke Up with Producer Teddy? Here's The Truth

Rumours were doing earlier that Han Ye Seul was dumped by her ex-boyfriend Teddy due to Blackpink's Jennie. There were also speculations that the actress had slapped the idol for creating troubles in her relationship.

Is Blackpink's Jennie the Person Behind Han Ye Seul's Break Up with Producer Teddy?
Is Blackpink's Jennie the Person Behind Han Ye Seul's Break Up with Producer Teddy?

A few days ago, Han Ye Seul had clarified that she had never met Jennie. Now, in a tell-all video, she has opened up on her break-up with Teddy and denied the involvement of the Blackpink's prominent member.

Han Ye Seul's Clarification
"Our public relationship was a famous one, and I am absolutely certain I loved him. When men and women date, they could break up. I don't know why people assume that there was an issue or someone cheated when people break-up.

I've always dated and broken up naturally, and that was the case for Teddy as well. I also don't know why BLACKPINK's Jennie was brought into the matter. Perhaps as they are from the same company, YG Entertainment? I don't know the history between the two but anyway I have never met her. He met with this person and I was dumped? This is totally not true," Koreaboo quotes Han Ye Seul as saying.

Earlier Relationships
In the same interview, the 39-year old confirmed about dating Won Jin of DY Holdings. She apologized to him for bringing his name at this stage.

The actress also admitted that she received a Ferrari car as a gift from her other former beau. "Is there something wrong with a boyfriend giving his girlfriend a car? Yes, I also boasted about it. Why would I not boast about a gift my boyfriend gave me?" Allkpop quotes her as saying.

Nonetheless, Han Ye Seul denied the speculations about getting money for the interior decoration of her house.

Han Ye Seul Slams the YouTube Channel
The series of allegations were made by Garo Sero Institute, a YouTube channel, recently. She has now given clarification to all these rumours.

She slammed the channel as she said, "They say that back then, Won Jin oppa wanted to start seeing another, and they specifically coined here, 'A female actress more famous than Han Ye Seul', and because I was against it, I went to the United States. This is all complete fiction."

Currently, she is in love with a non-celebrity man. After they made their relationship official, numerous allegations were made against him as reports claimed that he worked as a male escort earlier.