Namewee Mocks Blackpink After Getting Slammed for Vulgar Line Against Jennie, Lisa, Rose, Jisoo's Group in New Song

Malaysian Rapper Namewee seems to be truly undeterred by the criticism that he has been facing for sexualising women in his newly-released track 'You Know Who Is My Father?'. Especially, he was slammed by the fans of Blackpink for a vulgar line written against the girl group in the number, but it has zero impact on him as he trolls them by thanking them for giving pageviews to the song.

Blackpink and Namewee
Namewee unfazed over criticism coming from Blackpink fans. Instagram

For starters, there is a line in 'You Know Who Is My Father?' where the rapper says 'Always look at Blackpink and masturbate.' This line did not go well with Blinks, the fans of Blackpink, as well as lovers of K-pop.

Namewee's Response
Now, Namewee has responded to the negative comments coming his way on YouTube itself. In the description part of the video, he wrote "Hello blackpink fans. Thanks for giving me view rate. There is also a lyrics version here, please continue! How you like that that that that..."

It is a track which is targeted at rich people. The song is about how these people in Malaysia try to pocket women through their wealth. Namewee shared the song and captioned, "The moral of the song – Don't play play with rich people, they can piak your face anytime they want, even in the steamboat restaurant...[sic]"

Namwee's controversial line on Blackpink. twitter

Netizens criticised him for his choice of words although his intention was not to target Blackpink (comprising of Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa), but the wealthy people. See Select Few Response:

Not just the rapper, but the angry fans have attacked Blackpink's agency YG Entertainment for failing to protect the girl group. They demand the agency to take legal action against the Malaysian rapper while reporting about sexualisation of women in the song to YouTube.

However, the 38-year old is no stranger to controversies. He hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons way back in 2007 following the release of a parody Malaysia's national anthem titled Negaraku. Since then, he has rubbed the politicians and government the wrong ways on several occasions. A few months ago, his film Babi was slammed for creating racial tension.