BLACKPINK Member Jisoo Will Reportedly Join Biomom for Solo Activities; Agency Responds

BLACKPINK member Jisoo will reportedly join her older brother Kim Jung Hun's company, Biomom, for solo activities, according to a K-media report. The report stated that the firm, which currently focuses on a healthy food brand, plan to expand into the entertainment industry. Biomom recently garnered attention in the country after they announced their expansion plans.

Kim Jung Hun, who recently announced his business plans, captured the attention of several K-media outlets after an employer recruiting poster featured a picture of Jisoo. There were speculations started doing the rounds that the BLACKPINK member would join her older brother's company for solo activities. The tentative name of the entertainment section is Blissoo, which also stirred the rumors further.

An exclusive report by Xportnews stated that a picture of the K-pop idol was featured in the employee recruitment poster for Blissoo. The poster explained that the firm plans to expand its business plans both domestically and internationally. So, the artists joining the company can be loved by people worldwide.

Jisoo- Black Pink

Responding to the speculations, a representative from Biomom said it is difficult to explain the relationship between Blissoo and Biomom.

"It is difficult to explain the company's relationship with Blissoo. We do not know the CEO's familial relationships," a Biomom representative told Xportnews.

Netizens' Reactions

The news about Jisoo joining her older brother's company captured the attention of her fans across the globe. Netizens immediately shared their opinions online. Here are some reactions' by Netizens.

We believe in Jisoo. If Jisoo announced it just like Jennie. Then we would have been so happy about this great news.

Mixing business and family, especially in entertainment, rarely goes well.

It will be great if she can release music without working with lazy Jennie.

I'm happy for my girl Jisoo. Now, she will have her acting opportunities.

Don't spread misinformation. Biomom did not confirm anything, and if Jisoo is signing, it's under Blissoo, not Biomom, a separate wing of the business.

It's a rumor, a Bio-Mam informant said they didn't know anything about it.

Blissoo? That sounds like a name Jisoo came up with. Also...Blackpink + Lisa + Jisoo?

The news is still a rumor, so we're still waiting for SOO to confirm, guys!! but anyway, that's good for our ChiChu.

Wowza, Jisoo's just hittin' the road solo, huh? Can't wait to see her rockin' the solo scene. But you gotta spill, are other Blackpink gals feeling jelly? Just kiddin', or am I?

SUCH A BIG NEWS AND It isn't even 3rd Jan yet, makes me think she has some bigger announcement for tomorrow (yes I'm greedy and delusional).