Blackpink Jisoo's Fans Slam the Call for a Ban on her Snow Drop

After Joseon Exorcist, yet another Korean series has landed in a controversy for similar reasons. Jung Hae in and Blackpink's Jisoo's forthcoming drama Snow Drop is facing the wrath of the netizens who allege the drama to be distorting the historical facts.

Blackpink's Jisoo
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Boycott Call
There is a boycott call being given by the angry netizens against Snow Drop. Going by the synopsis of the TV drama, it is a love story between Im Soo Ho and Eun Young-Cho. Set in the backdrop of student protests in 1987, young man Im Soo-Ho covered in blood enters a female dorm at Hosoo Woman's University.

Cheerful and lovable girl Eun Young-Cho, a nursing student, hides him from authorities and gives him first aid as he was badly injured. Love sparks between them, but sooner or later she realises that he is a spy from the "motherland." He is then asked to kill the girl who saved him from the authorities.

The netizens are now alleging that the names of the lead actors are taken from the real-life personalities involved in the student protests in 1987. It was an important year in South Korean history as the university student hit the streets demanding a fair democratic election.

People's Fight Against Military Regime
The students had rebelled against oppression from the military regime of President Chun Doo-hwan which helped South Korea to become a democratic country.

However, the students were tortured and allegedly murdered by the National Intelligence, which is accused of killing innocents.

Looking at the synopsis and other available content of the drama online, netizens have come to the conclusion that the drama is set to distort the facts and undermine protestors' struggle in establishing democracy in South Korea.

Scriptwriter Yoo Hyun Mi, who was reportedly a student at Ewha Women's University 1987, is also criticised for failing to present the history accurately.

Blackpink's Jisoo Fans Lend Support to Snow Drop
On the other hand, the fans of Jisoo has extended the support to Snow Drop while slamming the netizens who have called for a ban on the TV series. Check out their supportive tweets:

S AS: Netizens should take a chill pill.. the drama has not even started broadcasting yet.

⁷×⁴Anger symbol: Damn, who hurts them? They keep cancelling everyone ! While this drama gonna be hit worldwide ! So ungrateful

KK_in_your_area: Honestly , I am not korean so obviously i don't knowthe history but one thing that I know is that , the production team behind snowdrop is one of the best korean drama production team !! Every single drama that they have worked on is a huge hit in korean and internationally so I

¹ ˡⁱˢᵃ ᵈᵃʸ: not even aired yet and still no trailer but they acting up like they know the whole story. the attitude Chart with downwards trend

Kim36412342: The haters just keep conspiring against BLACKPINK...everyone can tell that their main goal is to take down BLACKPINK which is not possible. It's just a few knetz don't worry, it won't affect the show or the ratings. Knetz represent less than 1% of Koreans. .
But anyway I think it's better that they post their concerned now so they can revise the story rather than later after all the shoot they done.
And they should wait until the synopsis, teaser or drama airs before judging it. I bet Anti bp is behind this fake concern.

someone: Knetz going crazy over rumors now..... Like why would a writer who lived in that period of time would do plot like this one? Face with monocle(in briefly the plot is about the female lead loving a trained spy from NK in other words a terrorist) why would they risk their work hard and career

myeonmalismiRabbit face | HAPPY XIUMIN DAY: they haven't done filming yet and they wanted to cancel itLoudly crying face

Mary_m: You have evidence? Do you know the whole story?
Why do you have to do this? Please let SNOWDROP air the actors and actresses put a lot of effort

| -R-: Cancel culture in Korea is gettin worse tbh. If this continues it will be the end of Korean wave around the world. I said it.

Recently, Jong Dong Yoon's SBS drama Exorcist came under criticism for using excessive Chinese items. The show was permanently cancelled after airing two episodes. However, Snow Drop has not been aired yet and the fans have jumped to a conclusion even before the content is aired.