BTS' Jimin, Blackpink's Rose Occupy Top Places; Cha Eun Woo, Yujeong's Land at 3 in Idol Rankings

BTS' Jimin and Blackpink's Rose have occupied the numero uno positions in the monthly brand reputation rankings for boy and girl groups, respectively, for the month of March. While the former has topped the list for the 27th consecutive month, the latter jumped to the top slot following the release of her single 'On the Ground.'

BTS Jimin and Blackpink Rose
BTS' Jimin and Blackpink's Rose. Instagram

Boy Group Rankings
Jimin has earned the top spot for the 27 month in a row with a brand index of 6,488,864 for March. ARMY," "Filter," and "Grammy Award," are the high ranking keywords associated with his search.

Astro's Cha Eun Woo has retained his second place after earning a brand index of 5,978,646. However, it is SHINee's Minho whose brand index value has seen a massive increase in March compared to February.

He has landed in third place with an index of 4,963,529, a staggering 221.41 percent increase compared to the previous month. The next three spots are occupied by BTS members like Jungkook, V and Suga. Their brand index value stands at 4,725,009, 3,978,560 and 3,717,026, respectively.

BIGBANG's G-Dragon is in seventh place with a brand index of 3,692,645 followed by EXO's Chanyeol (3,674,812), BTS's Jin (3,431,080) and BTS's RM (2,846,215).

Girl Group Rankings
Blackpink's Rose has earned the numero uno position with a brand index reputation of 6,433,970, a stunning 100.30 percent rise compared to the previous month. "On The Ground," "solo," and "YouTube " are the popular keywords associated with the singer. Her colleague Jennie is in the second position with a brand index of 5,182,696, a rise of 18.31 percent compared to the previous month.

Notably, all the members of Brave Girls are in the top 10 rankings. Yujeong lands in third place with a brand index reputation of 4,685,944 for March.

The Korean Business Research Institute comes up with a comprehensive report on brand reputation based on media coverage, consumer participation, interaction, and community indexes of the popular Korean stars using big data.

Top 25 Boy Group RankingTop 25 Girl Group Ranking
1) BTS's Jimin
2) ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo
3) SHINee's Minho
4) BTS's Jungkook
5) BTS's V
6) BTS' Suga
7) BIGBANG's G-Dragon
8) EXO's Chanyeol
9) BTS's Jin
10) BTS's RM
11) BTS's J-Hope
12) SHINee's Taemin
13) SEVENTEEN's Mingyu
14) SHINee's Onew
15) Super Junior's Kim Heechul
16) EXO's Kai
17) EXO's Baekhyun
18) Super Junior's Kyuhyun
19) DRIPPIN's Cha Jun Ho
20) NCT's Jaehyun
21) DRIPPIN's Hwang Yun Seong
22) NCT's Doyoung
23) Super Junior's Eunhyuk
24) Ciipher's Hyunbin
25) DRIPPIN's Joo Chang Uk
2) BLACKPINK's Jennie
3) Brave Girls' Yujeong
4) Brave Girls' Yuna
5) Oh My Girl's Arin
6) Brave Girls' Eunji
7) MAMAMOO's Hwasa
8) LOONA's Chuu
9) Brave Girls' Minyoung
10) BLACKPINK's Jisoo
11) BLACKPINK's Lisa
12) Oh My Girl's Seunghee
13) IZ*ONE's Jang Won Young
14) Girls' Generation's Taeyeon
15) IZ*ONE's Kim Min Ju
16) Red Velvet's Yeri
17) IZ*ONE's An Yu Jin
18) Red Velvet's Seulgi
19) MAMAMOO's Solar
20) APRIL's Rachel
21) APRIL's Jinsol
22) IZ*ONE's Kim Chae Won
23) PURPLE KISS's Dosie
24) IZ*ONE's Kang Hye Won
25) Red Velvet's Joy
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