Black Woman Hurls Racist, Homophobic Slurs at Passenger, Claims White People Were 'Manufactured in a Lab'

The woman was filmed verbally abusing the passenger and hurling homophobic slurs at him in an 'unprovoked' incident on board a train in Toronto

A video of a woman hurling homophobic slurs and making racist remarks towards a white passenger on the subway in Toronto is being widely circulated on social media.

The video was originally shared by Reddit user u/Gurthanthaclopsaye who started filming the woman after she started attacking him verbally in an unprovoked incident on his way home from work.

'I Should Smack That Ugly White Boy F*ggot'

racist woman on train
Stills from the video shared by the Reddit user. Reddit

"I was on my way home from work reading up about the UFC fight this weekend when I heard someone start saying really racist shit about another person on the subway," the user wrote. "My city is known for its crazies so that's not too far out of imagination, but I do look up to get some situation awareness. Well turns out that racist shit being said was direct towards me."

The user added that he ignored the woman's expletive-laced rant at first but she started getting louder and more aggressive towards him. According to him, at one point, the woman told him "I should smack that ugly white boy f*ggot," prompting the user to look up and say, "Excuse me!"

Triggered by the man's response, the woman became infuriated and threatened to kill him, which is when the user says he pulled out his cellphone and started recording.

"Record me because you're going to get recorded too, b*tch" the woman tells the man as she can be seen pointing her cellphone at him before calling him a "f*ggot a*s b*tch."

'I Hate You Dirty Inbred White People'

"You really don't think I have the social media to really put you out there like that? You don't think I'm a bad b*tch with thousands of followers?," she asks before continuing her verbal assault towards the passenger, who remains calm throughout.

"I hate you dirty inbred white people," she is then heard saying. "You have no f*cking melanin. You have no f*cking culture. You were made in a lab. The white race was manufactured in a f*cking lab."

She then goes on to blame white people for causing a divide because "that's the only thing [they're] good at." "Explain yourself," the woman screams at the man before accusing him of being "racist." The video ends with the woman exiting the train as the user yells, "Have a nice day!" Watch the full clip below: