Black Friday blunder? UK man orders £299 Apple Watch, Amazon sends him toilet plunger instead

The Apple Watch Series 4 order during Amazon's Black Friday sale was supposed to be a pre-Christmas treat for him

Have you ever ordered an item 'A' online but when you opened the package you were shocked to find an entirely different item 'B' inside? Well, this situation isn't very uncommon these days. We have read a number of reports and reviews of people finding anything from soaps to bricks to iron bars instead of iPhones and other expensive pieces of gadgetry that they had originally ordered.

Not very uncommon indeed, but as bizarre as it may seem a man in the UK who ordered an Apple Watch from Amazon during the Black Friday sale received something he wasn't expecting at all - a cheap toilet plunger.

Browne ordered Apple Watch Series 4 from Amazon

According to a report in the Metro, John Browne ordered a £299 Apple Watch Series 4 from Amazon on the first day of its Black Friday sale, but little did he know that the enticing deal which made him quickly click on the "buy now" button would leave him red-faced when he opened the package.

Mr Browne, like anybody else, was glad at the fact that he had saved £100 on the deal and wanted to open the "supposed" Apple Watch containing package in front of his colleagues only to be left embarrassed by what he pulled out of the package - a toilet plunger that was worth a mere £4.39.

Colleagues were howling with laughter at the pre-Christmas treat

apple watch

Unsurprisingly his colleagues were reported to be "howling with laughter" at the unusual discovery which was supposed to be a pre-Christmas treat for Browne.

"It was a pre-Christmas treat for myself and I have wanted one for a long time. I waited for Black Friday specifically and got it delivered to me at work. I went down to collect it at reception and opened it in front of the staff and they started howling with laughter. They were all in absolute hysterics. But I was fuming," said Browne.

Amazon's refund policy didn't help either

If the embarrassment wasn't enough, Browne was in for another disappointment. After talking for "several hours" over the phone to Amazon's customer care, the seller refused to refund him the entire amount. Nevertheless, Browne was refunded £289 instead of the £299 he had originally paid, which is still okay.

But he wasn't all happy about this and when he complained, Amazon was kind enough to offer him a £10 voucher, thinking that this might cheer him up a bit and that he may order something from them again.

Now that Browne, theoretically has the £299 back, he could use that to place the order for the Apple Watch again, but just in case he chose to order the Watch again despite this teribble experience, it is no longer available as it now stands sold out on Amazon. If you ever happened to face a similar situation, please share it in the comments section below.