Bill Gates Says mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Will Alter Your DNA: Here is the Truth

A claim that Microsoft founder Bill Gates admitted the COVID-19 vaccine would change human DNA is found to be fake. The hoax being promoted by the conspiracy theorists gained momentum after a video of Bill Gates speaking about the vaccine went viral.

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, both Gates and his wife Melinda Gates have been constantly targeted by anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists regarding their association with vaccine programs. Wild theories have also linked The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation with developing vaccines aimed to control people by inserting a microchip in them.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates in the still from the viral video Twitter

Did Bill Gates Admit to Vaccine Altering DNA?

The nearly two-minute long video shows Gates talking about how the RNA (mRNA) technology used in the COVID-19 vaccine, works.

"What's typically done is you take either a piece of the virus or just the spike, that thing on the surface, and you put it on something else. So there's no risk at all of causing the disease. One final way that's new and is promising is called the RNA vaccine. With RNA and DNA, instead of putting that shape in, you put instructions in the code to make that shape," Gates is heard saying in the video as he explains with a DNA model.

The sentence "You put the instructions in the code to make that shape," is repeated in the video.

However, the video was made by joining multiple clips of Gates' videos with the purpose of misrepresenting the facts.

Reuters reported that the viral video contained clips form original videos available on Gates' own YouTube channel and blog. The original video dates back to April 2020. In the original video, the Microsoft co-founder explained how vaccines work and different methods for producing them.

Viral Video Creates Furore on Social Media

Confirming that Gates never spoke about vaccines altering Human DNA, a spokesperson for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in a statement issued to Reuters, said that the original video shows Bill Gates discussing COVID-19 vaccines. "mRNA vaccines do not change a person's DNA. Bill Gates did not make such a claim," the statement read.

However, despite the viral video being hoax, social media witnessed widespread negative reaction. "Bill Gates is on video explaining that he wants to reduce world population by 90%, but I'm the crackpot for suggesting that a vaccine using mRNA in such post hast may be bad You see size of Pfizer fine???" wrote a user.

"They better be held accountable when people start dropping dead and getting their DNA altered permanently by Bill Gates mRNA VAXX!!!" wrote another.

"#UN #AGENDA2030 #WEF #ClimateChange #BillGates are ALL behind this push to kill off the population. People would be insane to take an mRNA "vaccine" that has NEVER been tested or shown to work on the unproven #ChineseVirus. However, the "vaccine" will damage your DNA forever," expressed another user.