Viral Video of Rapper Wiz Khalifa 'Inappropriately' Kissing His Son on Mouth Draws Severe Backlash

Rapper Wiz Khalifa was under fire after a video of him kissing his son on the lips went viral on social media. Several users shared screenshot from the video that shows Khalifa kissing his 7-year-old son, Sebastian "Bash" Thomaz, on the mouth, a move called inappropriate by several netizens.

Earlier, Khalifa, who shares his son with model Amber Rose, was bashed for sending Sebastian to school on the school bus instead of personally driving him off on the first day of his school.

Wiz Khalifa
Viral image of Wiz Khalifa kissing his son. Twitter

What Caused the Furore on Internet ?

The 20-second clip that has gone viral on the social media shows the doting father saying Good morning to his son while repeatedly kissing his forehead. Then he asks his son, "Where is my kiss?" and the boy responds saying here it is.

Khalifa then goes on to kiss the mouth of his son. Later on, the rapper enquires about his son's school and health. However, the users widely shared the screenshot of the kiss on the mouth to create controversy around the rapper.

The viral image created enough hatred for the Roll Up rapper even as few defended his act of showering love on son. "Y'all weird for trying to sexualize Wiz Khalifa kissing his own SON," wrote a Twitter user.

"I am NOT about to argue with you closeted simple close minded people regarding the image of @wizkhalifa showing love and affection towards his son, defended another user.

Rapper Faces Ire Online

Even though the video showed a general conversation between a parent and son, the same became a hit with the internet parenting patrol to criticize the rapper.

"Did y'all see the picture of Wiz Khalifa kissing his son? Facebook is in an uproar," wrote a user as other added, "What a fag Ya make out with your son and dog you homo sicko Sick fucks man."

"Is that Wiz Khalifa photo of him kissing his son in the mouth photoshopped?!" questioned a user. "Wiz Khalifa really needs to stop kissing his son on the mouth like that," wrote a twitter user.

"Wiz Khalifa son too d*mn big for him to be kissing him in his mouth like that. [Sebastian is] 7 [years old], and the way [Wiz] kissed him is creepy," opined other.