Eric Swalwell Says Sex With Chinese Spy is Matter of 'National Security'; Demands Probe Into Leak

Refusing to reveal whether he had sex with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell has called the intimate rendezvous a matter of national security. It has also emerged that Swalwell's father and brother are still friends with the Communist Spy on Facebook.

In an expose published by Axios, the outlet reported that Fang, also known as Fang Fang, who laid the honey trap, used sexual and romantic tactics to lure two unnamed Midwestern mayors, including the one in Ohio. She has developed close contacts with number of national politicians including a US Congressman.

fang fang
Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang Twitter

Swalwell Claims to be a Victim, Demands Probe

The involvement of Swalwell with Fang came to light after Axios published a report claiming that the Chinese spy actively worked for raising funds for his re-election bid. It was also reported that Fang had helped the democrat appoint an intern in his office.

Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committee, claimed to be a victim who is being targeted by the Trumps after his role in the high-profile pursuit of the US President. "'I hope it is investigated into who leaked this information. At the same time this story was being leaked out is the time that I was working on impeachment on the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees,' Swalwell told CNN.

"'And if this is a country where people who criticize the president are going to have law enforcement information weaponized against them, that's not a country that any of us want to live in," he added.

Meanwhile Swalwell's office, while responding to Fox News' Tucker Carlson question about whether the California Democrat had sex with Fang, replied saying that it was a 'classified information.'

Fang Was in Touch With Swalwell's Brother and Father

In its report Axios claimed that Fang, who was a student of California State University East Bay since 2011, fled the country after suspecting that her cover had been blown. Even though Swalwell cut the chord with the Chinese Intelligence operative after being alerted by the federal investigation agency, his father Eric, and brother Joshua were still in touch with Fang on Facebook.

christine fang
Christine Fang was friends with Swalwell's father and brother on FB even after fleeing US. Twitter

The Daily Mail reported that Fang was one of the 44 people who liked a 2016 post from Joshua featuring a video of him and the congressman together. Further, Swalwell's father also liked a headshot photo Fang posted to Facebook on March 12 and another from March 2019. It was only after the recent public backlash that both of them unfriended Fang on Facebook.

Meanwhile the Chinese spy is still FB friends with California officials, including Representative Ro Khanna, the Democratic House member for the state's 17th congressional district, reported the outlet.