Bill Clinton Had 'Cozy Dinner' Party with Ghislaine Maxwell in 2014, Report Claims

Shocking revelation by website claims Clinton was interacting with Maxwell well after reports linking her with Jeffery Epstein had appeared.

Former US President Bill Clinton finds himself in hot water again over his past relationship with disgraced British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. According to a report published on a news website, Clinton had dinner in 2014, at a famous restaurant in Las Vegas, with a very close group of friends, including Maxwell.

The report claims that this dinner took place in the month of February at a Crossroads Kitchen, a vegan restaurant in the city that is frequented by some of the top celebrities of Hollywood as well. On the very same day, Jerry Bruckheimer, Bruce Willis and Sean Penn were also spotted entering the venue.

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton (left), Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (right). Twitter

Other Guests

One of the past investors in the restaurant happened to be another friend of Clinton – Hollywood producer Steve Bing who died earlier this year. Bing, a donor to Democratic Party also, was present on that day at the restaurant and welcomed the former President.

As per the report in The Daily Beast, apart from Clinton, Maxwell and Bing, other members of the little group that dined together were Ben Schwerin and Michael Kives, both former members of Clinton's staff; and CEO of a tech giant Scott Borgerson, possibly Maxwell's husband.

Why the Fuss?

What makes this even problematic for the former President is the fact that by that time, Maxwell's links to Jeffery Epstein, the notorious sex offender for whom Maxwell procured young girls, some even underage, were already known. Epstein, at that time, was already known to have indulged in illegal acts of sexual nature and punished by court.

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein had already been in jail by the time the dinner took place Twitter/Jeffrey Epstein

In fact, the investigation into Epstein, who was found hanging in his jail cell last year, had begun as early as 2005 and he pleaded guilty to the charge of soliciting a minor girl for sex in 2008. Following this, he was in jail for 18 months.

Clinton's Actions

Even more shockingly, it was three years before this dinner that Virginia Guiffre, foremost among those who claim to have been sexually exploited by Epstein, had come forward and told a British newspaper that she was 15 when Maxwell had her employed as Epstein's masseuse and told her to take her clothes off on the first day of work. The disgraced financier, according to the accusation, then had sex with her.

Apparently, Maxwell had been kept away from him by one of his former staffers who left his service in 2012. But, as per the report, it was the then deputy Chief of Staff of Clinton who not only organised the dinner but included the socialite among invitees.