A big asteroid event is coming and Japan fireball incident is just a sign, study suggests

If asteroid 2003 YT1 hits the earth, it will create a crater which has a minimum diameter of 46 kilometers

Asteroid Pixabay

In 2017, a small space rock burned up in the earth's atmosphere, causing no harm to anyone. However, a new study has suggested that this event that was ignored by everyone including space scientists could be actually an indication of something big that is on its way. Japanese researchers who studied the origin and aftermath of this incident revealed that this tiny space rock that burned up in the atmosphere could have actually broken off from a monstrous asteroid named 2003 YT1.

Researchers revealed that this giant asteroid has a diameter of more than one mile, and a possible collision of this rogue space body with the earth will trigger a huge catastrophe. Considering the size of the asteroid, its impact could wipe out millions within a second, and damages will happen on a global scale.

Initial analysis reveals that this dangerous asteroid has a six percent chance of hitting the earth in the next 10 million years. The collision of 2003 YT1 with the earth at a neck-breaking speed will create a crater that will have a diameter of 46 kilometers, and it will also unleash energy equivalent to the blasts of thousands of nuclear weapons.

If the asteroid hits the ocean, it will cause a giant tsunami, and will completely wipe out the coastal area. If it hits the land, dust will be spewed to the earth's atmosphere, which will result in a nuclear winter that may last for several years. During this nuclear winter, there will be no photosynthesis, and several species on the earth will face extinction.

A few weeks back, Lembit Öpik, who is currently the chairman of Parliament for space-based micronation of Asgardia, had claimed that the impact of dreaded asteroids like 2003 YT1 could result in the extinction of humans and several other species from the planet. Öpik also added that the only species that will survive post the asteroid impact are cockroaches, certain deep-sea creatures, and other living beings that feed on dead meat.

Popular American physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson had also previously warned that the planet will face a doomsday scenario due to an asteroid hit. Dr Iain McDonald also shares a similar view, and he believes that devastating asteroid hits are not something that is confined to the past.

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