Forget Opinion Polls, Another Evangelist Predicts Trump's Win as God's on His Side

The televangelist predicted that Donald Trump's presidential election win will have crucial implications in determining the fate of mankind

As the entire world is eagerly awaiting to know the US presidential election results, a top Christian evangelist has claimed that Donald Trump will continue in the White House for the second term. This prediction from popular evangelist Paul Begley comes at a time when Trump's opposition candidate Joe Biden is supposed to have obtained a slight lead in the recent polls.

God on Trump's Side

Paul Begley claimed that Donald Trump's presidential election win has crucial implications in determining the fate of planet earth. According to Begley, God is on Trump's side and made it clear that the reigning president's stint in the White House is linked to Biblical prophecies.

trump dancing
US President Donald Trump broke into a dance during a rally in Florida. Twitter

Begley claimed that Trump's second term as a president is nothing but a series of events that could result at the end of the world. Earlier, Begley had claimed that the recent world events that include the coronavirus outbreak are indicating the possibility of an imminent world end.

Threat from Space After Trump's Win

A few days back, Pat Robertson, a popular televangelist had also predicted the victory of Donald Trump in the upcoming elections. Interestingly, Robertson also claimed that Trump's win will mark the beginning of the end of the world, as a doomsday asteroid will hit the planet soon.

Robertson predicted that Trump may face two assassination attempts after he wins the election, and it will be soon followed by a war in the middle east. After the war, the world will witness five years of extreme peace, and by the end of this period, a doomsday space rock will hit the earth, causing devastation everywhere.

Before Robertson and Begley, Krzysztof Jackowski, a Polish psychic, had also predicted that Donald Trump will win the election, due to his controversial and unconventional approach towards politics and foreign policies.

According to Jackowski, Trump's political moves may not be acceptable to everyone, but a majority of Americans are impressed with the way in which the reigning president is handling nationalism in the country.