Is Biden Unwell? Precancerous Polyp Removed from President's Colon During Last Week's Medical Checkup

A 3 millimeter polyp identified as a "tubular adenoma" was removed from Biden's body during his unexpected colonoscopy last week.

President Joe Biden may not be in the best of his health. According to a new memo revealed by his doctor, Biden had a benign, slow-growing and potential precancerous polyp removed from his colon during last week's medical checkup, when he underwent an unexpected colonoscopy. Biden had removed a similar polyp in 2008, the president's doctor Kevin O'Connor said on Wednesday.

Biden, 79, was pronounced "healthy" and "vigorous" and fit for duty after his routine physical exam. However, concerns over Biden's health remain given that President has often shown signs of poor health including forgetting things, which has also raised questions about his cognitive ability.

Cancerous Polyp

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A memo released by Biden's doctor O'Connor has revealed that a 3 millimeter polyp identified as a "tubular adenoma" was removed from Biden's body during his unexpected colonoscopy last week. The polyp was "slow-growing, but thought to be pre-cancerous lesion," O'Connor said in the letter.

However, he added that no more action is required at this time. "President Biden remains a healthy, vigorous, 78-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander in Chief," O'Connor wrote in his briefing dated November 19 - one day before the president's birthday when he turned 79.

O'Connor also mentioned that repeat colonoscopies are usually recommended in seven to 10 years. In Biden's case it was done after 13 years. O'Connor also wrote that the colonoscopy was "reassuring."

Sleepy Joe
U.S. President Joe Biden was accused of nodding off during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister in the Oval officer on Friday. Twitter

Biden underwent anesthesia for his colonoscopy at Walter Reed Medical Center, handing over presidential powers to Vice President Kamala Harris for 85 minutes a day before his 79th birthday last week.

Is Biden Really Fit?

Besides the precancerous polyp, the White House noted that several diverticula, or small pouches, were also removed from Biden's colon. His "throat clearing" was also examined, which has been a noticeable change as pointed out by many since Biden took office.

However, what is concerning is Biden's overall health. The white house cleared that Biden is fit and he never had colon cancer. "The President has never had colon cancer," O'Connor's report said. The doctor alluded that "greater attention is directed toward his public engagements" than before and could cause Biden to feel the need to clear his throat more often.

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Biden's health has raised major questions not only after he became President but long before that. The President has often looked confused at press briefings and meetings and has also been ridiculed for that.

Concerns grew further after he was seen several times looking confused and tripping up the steps of Air Force One. The president tripped up the stairs of the plane at Joint Base Andrews in early this year, which the White House later alluded to the heavy wind at the time.

Two weeks later, Biden was boarding Air Force One as he stiffly walked up the steps in Pittsburgh. A day earlier, he had referred to Vice President Kamala Harris - who was historically the first female president for 85 minutes while Biden underwent his colonoscopy - as "President Harris."

A Politico/Morning Consult survey published last week found that around 50 percent of registered voters disagreed with the statement "Joe Biden is in good health," while only 40 percent agreed and 10 percent had no opinion.