Biden Ridiculed Over Claims of 'Ending Cancer'; Social Media Blasts US President Over Viral Clip

In a recent speech at the White House, President Joe Biden made bold assertions about his administration's plans and achievements which included effectively ending cancer. The U.S. President's latest gaffe raised eyebrows and sparked discussions among experts and the public alike.

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Biden Speaks About His 'Unity Agenda'

During the White House event which focused on expanding access to mental health care, Biden emphasized his commitment to addressing the mental health crises in the United States as part of his 'unity agenda.' The president highlighted how the COVID-19 pandemic had underscored the urgent need for increased support in this critical area.

"One of the things I'm always asked is why Americans have sort of lost faith for a while in being able to do big things. If you could do anything at all, Joe, what would you do? I said I'd cure cancer. They looked at me like, why cancer? Because no one thinks we can. That's why, and we can. We ended cancer as we know it," Biden said.

The Newsweek reported that the gaffe which is highlighted in the 9-second clip which went viral on social media, Biden seems to slur the words "can" and "end" together, creating the impression that he said "ended" instead.

Outrage on Social Media

Even though it appeared to be a glitch, the video certainly raised many eyebrows. Sharing the clip Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert tweeted, "Joe Biden lied about curing cancer."

"Brain dead Joe Biden said 'we ended cancer as we know it.' Did I miss something? I don't remember this breakthrough," Newsmax host Chris Plante wrote.

"JUST IN: President Joe Biden has officially cured cancer according to President Joe Biden. What an amazing day for people all around the world "I said I'd cure cancer they looked at me like, why cancer? Because we can!" "We ended cancer as we know it." Biden will now be working to cure dementia," read another tweet.

"Biden just announced that he's cured cancer Yes, he seriously did We are an international joke," read another tweet.

"Biden says he cured cancer. "We ended cancer as we know it." This a sickening claim, when we actually KNOW ppl suffering right now from cancer! EVERYTHING that spews from his mouth is a lie!" opined a user.