X-Rated to X-Videos, Twitter Flooded With Memes As Musk Unveils New Logo 'X'

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has revealed a new logo for Twitter, signaling a rebranding of the popular social media platform. Musk, who recently acquired Twitter, took to his own Twitter account to share the design with his 149 million followers.

Twitter X logo
Twitter logo

Musk's "X" Concept Inspired by WeChat

The logo features a striking "X" design, described by Musk as "minimalist art deco." He expressed his intent to refine the logo in the future, suggesting that the design may undergo further changes before its final implementation.

The announcement sparked intrigue and excitement among the Twitter community, as Musk had previously sought design ideas from his followers. It appears that he ultimately chose a logo that he had teased earlier through a flickering video pinned to the top of his Twitter feed.

Interestingly, the chosen "X" logo holds a deeper significance for Musk. He has long been obsessed with the idea of an "everything app" named "X" that he has promised to launch at some point. Many speculate that Twitter could serve as the foundation for this ambitious project.

Linda Yaccarino, Twitter's CEO, confirmed the logo choice by sharing the design on her own Twitter account and declaring, "X is here! Let's do this."

The Guardian reported that Musk's "X" concept is inspired by WeChat, the popular Chinese app known for its multifunctionality. According to reports, he expressed to Twitter staff in June the idea of transforming Twitter into a platform similar to WeChat. He believes that by incorporating multiple functions and services into Twitter, the platform can achieve great success, much like WeChat has done in China.

Memes on Social Media

As Musk's rebranding efforts continue to unfold, the Twitter community exploded with memes on the microblogging site. "Following the mooted change of Twitter NG logo from bird to X, Twitter Users will now be known as X-MEN Twitter Videos will be referred to as Xvideos Twitter influencers will be called X-rated While those who leave the app= X-lover," tweeted a user.

"So, if I get verified through Twitter Blue, does that mean that I'm X-rated?" wrote another.

"Branding is an art & a science. Major principles of branding include being unique & standing out. X can't be trademarked or copywrited. X is associated strongly w/sex (X-rated, XXX) & negativity (X something out, Ex-lax, your Ex). Case in point: Just a really stupid choice," read a tweet.