Biden Ignores Directions from Secret Service Agents on Where to Walk as He Wanders Away to White House [VIDEO]

The secret Service agents had to make sure that Biden walked the right way but he is seen following the agent up the lawn and through the gardening into the presidential estate.

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President Joe Biden was filmed ignoring the direction of a Secret Service agent who was pointing at the walkway leading to the White House on Tuesday. In his latest bizarre gaffe, Biden on his return to the White House after spending time in Wilmington, Delaware, completely failed to follow what the Secret Service agents said.

The secret Service agents had to make sure that Biden walked the right way. Instead, Biden is seen following the agent up the lawn and through the gardening into the presidential estate. Social media users immediately took notice of Biden's latest gaffe and once again started poking fun at him and questioning his cognitive ability.

Biden Does it Again

Biden Confused
A Secret Service agent point Biden where to walk but he fails to follow him Twitter

Of the many gaffes in the past eight months since he became the President, Biden did his latest on Tuesday. The President instead of following the direction and guidance of the Secret Service agents to take on the walkway to the entrance of his White House residence is seen taking the lawn where the agents supposedly walk.

Despite repeatedly being pointed with fingers, Biden seemed to either not listen to them or simply not being able to follow him. The video has left shocked critics of Biden once again raising questions if the 78 year-old is suffering the effects of cognitive decline.

Twitter personality Kambree Kawahine Koa, who has penned op-eds for Daily Caller, brought up Biden's status as the oldest president ever elected. "He looks old there," Kawahine Koa tweeted.

Biden surpassed Donald Trump as the oldest president ever elected - beating out his predecessor, the second oldest president ever elected, by eight years at the times they took office.

Sean Spicer, who served as press secretary under Trump, tweeted: "Watch. This. Video. Closely."

Biden Trolled Again

While the likes of Koa and Spicer were too polite to point out Biden's gaffe, social media users weren't that kind. Moments after the video made its way to the social media, jokes started pouring in on the cognitive ability of the President.

"Why does the secret service have to point out the path to him?" one user tweeted. "Can we get a younger president next time?" another taunted the President.

"How Americans voted for this guy over trump still baffles me," joked yet another user.

Josh Barnett, an Arizona Republican running for Congress in 2022, tweeted that Biden was "lost" and "clueless." "They literally pointed the walkway out to him and he still went the wrong way," tweeted Human Events editor Jack Posobiec.

"I like the reaction of the secret service agent following behind....'where the f**k is this guy going?" one person tweeted.

"It looks like the agent was informing that that route was locked off and to take the different route. You think secret service is going to point at a walkway like that to the President?" another person mocked in a tweet.

Biden has left the White House and his aides embarrassed on multiple occasions since the time he became President. Besides his infamous tumble up the steps of Air Force One, Biden has been ad-libbing remarks that have left White House staffers scrambling to do damage control.

That report came after Biden had seemingly accused Facebook of "killing people" then walked back his comments three days later, claiming Facebook "isn't killing people."

The Commander-in-Chief even became a laughing stock at the G-7 Summit in June when he tried to correct Boris Johnson for not introducing "the president of South Africa" - though the prime minister already had introduced him.