Second Time Lucky: Joe Biden Stumbles and Almost Trips Again While Boarding Air Force One [VIDEO]

New video from the foot of the stairs shows Biden almost stumbled and tripped as he made his way to the plane in the pouring rain.

President Joe Biden almost tripped again on the stairs of Air Force One on Wednesday. However, he was a shade careful this time around and walked up the stairs quite slowly holding and umbrella and a briefcase and prevented himself from tripping once again. New video from the foot of the stairs shows the 78-year-old almost stumbled and tripped as he made his way to the plane in the pouring rain - and then saluted when he reached the top.

The President was making the ascent to the Air Force One while heading off to promote his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. This was almost the second time in two weeks that the president took a tumble on the steps.

Second Time Lucky

Footage shows the coordination-challenged Biden carefully traversing the stairs before almost missing a step while leaving on a flight to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Wednesday. However, he was a lot careful this time during his ascent.

Video footage shows, Biden moving quite slowly while climbing the stair. This time though he had an umbrella in his hand as it was raining. In his other hand, he had a briefcase. Even then, Biden almost stumbled halfway but quickly managed to check his steps and regain control over himself. He quickly recovered and carried on up the stairs, giving a salute before entering the aircraft.

Perhaps, he himself was a bit careful this time around after his recent stumble two weeks back, that made him a subject of jokes and memes on social media. On March 19, Biden tripped a total of three times as he made his way up the stairs to board Air Force One. That time too he recovered and saluted before entering the plane.

Concerns Over Biden's Health

Biden almost trips again
Biden almost trips again Twitter

Following his first fall, several people including former President Donald Trump ridiculed Biden, while many raised doubts over his health. The White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that Biden is "doing 100 percent fine" following the fall.

Bedingfield later said that Biden was not injured. "I know folks have seen that President Biden slipped on his way up the stairs to AF1, but I'm happy to report that he is just fine and did not even require any attention from the medical team who travels with him," she said.

This time too many showed concern but luckily Biden saved himself from further embarrassment by checking his steps finally.

That said Trump once again got a chance to slam his successor. But this time it was more to do with his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Hours before Biden was to take the Air Force One flight, Trump pointed out that Biden's sweeping investment package — that could be one of the biggest since the space race in the 1960s — includes the most comprehensive corporate tax hike in 30 years that could damage businesses.

Trump said Biden's proposal is "ludicrous" and a "cruel and heartless attack on the American dream." "Biden's policy would break the back of the American Worker with among the highest business tax rates in the developed world," Trump said.