Biden Forgets Name of Martin Luther King Jr's Daughter-in-Law While Singing 'Happy Birthday' as He Is Met With Laughter from Audience [WATCH]

The embarrassing incident took place as Martin Luther King III's wife, Arndrea Waters King, attended the National Action Network's annual MLK breakfast on Monday.

President Joe Biden forgot the name of the daughter-in-law of Martin Luther King Jr. while singing "Happy Birthday" on the special federal holiday on Monday to honor the late civil rights activist. Biden's latest gaffe was a major embarrassment for MLK's family which was attending the event.

The embarrassing incident occurred as the 80-year-old president was speaking at an event co-chaired by Martin Luther King III, 65, and his wife, Arndrea Waters King, 49, and organized by Al Sharpton's National Action Network. However, even after the embarrassing moment, Biden kept smiling and didn't even realize that guests attending the event felt uncomfortable.

Biden Does It Again

The embarrassing incident took place as Martin Luther King III's wife, Arndrea Waters King, attended the National Action Network's annual MLK breakfast on Monday. Since it was also her birthday, Biden decided to sing "Happy Birthday" song but appeared to forget Andrea's name.

"Martin the Third, we celebrate a legacy of your beloved father and mother. They worked for the beloved community. But congratulations today to the honorees including your wife, who I understand it's her birthday today?" Biden said.

Biden MLK
Joe Biden forgot Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter-in-law's name while singing 'Happy Birthday' for her Twitter

"Well look, my wife has a rule in her family, when it's someone's birthday, you sing 'Happy Birthday.' You ready?" the president went on before launching into song.

Biden's eyes looked to search for the woman's name on his teleprompters halfway through the song in front of hundreds of guests at Washington's historic Mayflower Hotel.

"Happy birthday, dear Valz-dvit," Biden ultimately managed to say.

The awkward moment was met by what appeared to be laughter and head shakes from the King family.

Biden MLK
The audience was left laughing as Biden appeared to forget Arndrea Waters King' name Twitter

Biden made an effort to save face by adding to his middle-aged honoree, "Well, it's awful turning 30. But you have to put up with it."

Embarrassing Time and Again

Biden is the oldest president in history and his mental acuity is usually a topic of public debate although his supporters claim he only stumbles and stutters frequently. Gaffes and Biden are now synonymous.

Martin Luther King III and Andrea Waters King
Martin Luther King III with wife Andrea Waters King Twitter

Throughout his time as president, Biden has committed a few high-profile gaffes. He looked through a gathering in September in search of the late Representative Jackie Walorski, wondering "Jackie, are you here? Where's Jackie? I think she must not be here." Just a month back he had called her family to express his grief at her passing.

Also, he has addressed vice-president Kamala Harris as the country's president on at least six occasions. The most recent was on January 5, when Biden mistakenly referred Kamala Harris, as "President Harris."

He has also often flashed his cheat sheets given by the White House in which he is given every minute instruction including when to sit, stand, talk and even keep quiet.

According to Biden, he plans to seek reelection in 2024. If he serves out a full second term in January 2029, he would be 86 years old.