Biden Fails to Recall His Ireland Visit, Forgets to Mention Hunter's Love Child and Name of Top Gun as He Struggles Through Press Conference with Children [WATCH]

He also struggled to recall the places all six of his grandchildren live while comfortably ignoring to include Hunter's love child.

There are ample reasons President Joe Biden needs cheat sheets while taking questions from adults. And when he doesn't carry one, he struggles. Biden stammered and stumbled through answers on his grandchildren, Top Gun, and the last country he visited as he fielded a flurry of questions at the White House's "Take Your Child to Work" day.

Biden comfortably forgot that the last country he visited was Ireland less than a month ago and had to be reminded by a child attending the event. However, that was just one of the many questions Biden failed to answer, raising doubts about his mental fitness once again and leaving his White House staff embarrassed.

Deleted from His Brain

Biden forgets again
Joe Biden during the Q&A with children during the 'Take Your Child to Work' event Twitter

The 80-year-old, who was surrounded by children dressed as Secret Service agents, had to rely on the children to complete his sentences and admitted that he was "confused" before one of them suggested that he go back to the Oval Office.

This was Biden's first interrogation since he was seen using a cheat sheet to answer a reporter from the LA Times' questions at a press conference.

Biden struggled to answer almost every question he was asked ranging from his favorite color to his preferred ice cream flavor.

"The last country I've traveled, I'm trying to think of the last one I was in," Biden said while speaking to the children of administration staffers and members of the media.

"I've been to, met with 89 heads of state so far. So, uh, trying to think where was the last place I was; it's hard to keep track."

"Ireland," a child shouted out, jogging the president's memory.

Biden with children at the "Take Your Child to Work" event Twitter

"Yeah, you're right, Ireland. That's where it was," he finally said after being helped by a kid.

"How'd you know that?"

However, this wasn't the only question that left Biden stumbling.

He also struggled to recall the places all six of his grandchildren live while comfortably ignoring to include Hunter's love child.

"I left somebody out... I said five... six? I've got one in New York, two in Philadelphia, or is it three? Three? I don't know... You confused me... They're around...," he said.

Joe Biden struggled to answer multiple questions asked by the children at "Take Your Child to Work" event. Twitter

"One granddaughter lives in Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia,' Biden said, speaking slowly knowing there were children from a range of ages there. 'One granddaughter lives in New York. One granddaughter lives in Washington. One granddaughter lives in Wilmington, Delaware. The other grandson – my grandson lives in California."

"But I left somebody out, didn't I? Anyway," Biden said.

The one he didn't mention was Navy Joan Roberts, a 4-year-old who is the focus of a child support dispute between his son Hunter Biden and former stripper Lunden Roberts.

He then repeated the locations and changed the question into a pop quiz. Wilmington, Philadelphia, and... I did say five, you're right."

Serious Concern

Biden was next asked to choose his favorite movie by another youngster. Instead, Biden chose to mention his favorite film of the year, but he did get some help.

Biden cheat sheet
The cheat sheet that Biden expose revealing the vetted question Twitter

"My favorite movie was the new movie that was about that guy who flies jet planes. You know who I'm talking about?" he asked, before a child answered "Top Gun."

"Top Gun," Biden continued. "Did you see Top One: Maverick?'

Other questions were answered directly by Biden, who mentioned that his favorite color is blue and his favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip.

The president's numerous memory lapses were brought to light in a few exchanges on Thursday, most notably when he called out the name of the Indiana Republican at a rally last September and conveniently forgot that Congresswoman Jackie Walorski had passed away.

Biden speech
Joe Biden Twitter

One toddler finally asked a question after more than 20 minutes that appeared to reflect what her parents might have been considering. "Mr. President, I heard you have to go back to the Oval Office," she told Biden.

Biden wasn't finished until his assistants might have had time to regain their breath. He walked by a child who asked him a question about Poland.

The question was asked by 10-year-old Nina Walkuska, whose father works as a correspondent for Polish radio. She and another child were given access to the Oval Office by the president. She was given a seat behind the Resolute Desk and returned with a bag of cookies with the President of the United States' seal.