US House Passes Bill To Ban Trans Athletes from Competing in Girls' and Women's Sports

The bill is opposed by the Democratic-led senate, has no chance of getting signed by President Joe Biden.

The Republican-led US House of Representatives passed a bill that prevents transgender women and girls from participating in athletic programs at federally supported schools and colleges. This is looked at as part of the conservative push nationwide to restrict transgender rights. The bill was approved by a 219-203 party-line vote.


The supporters of the bill said that they portrayed the vote as a support for female athletes who are disadvantaged by having to compete against those whose gender identity does not correspond to their sex at birth.

It would make it illegal for receivers of government funds to allow someone "whose sex is male" to participate in programs intended for women or girls.

'Straightforward Issue'

According to the measure, sex is "based solely on a person's reproductive biology and genetics at birth." At least 20 other states have adopted similar restrictions on trans athletes at the K-12 or collegiate levels, prompting the House action.

Representative John W. Rose, Republican from Tennessee, said the issue was straightforward. "Biological males ought to compete against biological males, and biological females ought to compete against biological females," he said. "Most Tennesseans consider this to be common sense."

US Congress
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The bill, however, is unlikely to advance further because the Democratic-led Senate will not support it. White House has already issued a statement against it, saying "Mr. Biden would veto it if it made its way to his desk. A national ban that does not take into account competitiveness or grade level "targets people for who they are and therefore is discriminatory."

Democrats have dismissed the bill as 'Hateful' and 'Insidious' part of a "radical" education agenda that Republicans have advanced in their first several months in the majority.