BEWARE! Sex-toys could leak your hacked naked photos online, warns MP

sex toy
Sex dolls are piled up at a factory in China Reuters (Representational Image)

Chi Onwurah, British Labour MP for Newcastle Central, has warned that sex toys are open to hackers and the makers are not taking enough measures to secure them. To ensure the safety of these gadgets, Chi Onwurah urged the manufacturers to legally upgrade the security of these toys.

"You can hack a dildo, and when you've hacked that device, it's more than violating your privacy; it's violating your security. Electric toothbrushes, fridges, doorbells, dildos — anything with the word "smart" that communicates with the rest of the world can be hacked," said Chi Onwarah, reports the Times.

It should be noted that sex toys including vibrators are equipped with long distance remote controls and cameras, and it is pretty easy for a hacker residing in North Korea or Russia to infiltrate into the device, thus leaking the intimate photos and videos. Previously, several web security agencies have exposed the vulnerability of Internet-connected sex toys like Svakom Siime Eye vibrator.

The MP also revealed that she recently bought a smart toothbrush and checked it for more than 30 minutes to ensure the safety. Onwarah predicted that within a few years, the modern households will be flooded by various smart devices which will pose a serious threat to individual privacy.

The MP warned that the introduction of smart clothes and smart shoes in the market will help hackers to identify your location easily.

"Then we've got smart shoes, smart clothes, which means you're location may be hackable and identifiable. You may think that it's not very important people know where you are, but that kind of information can leave you very much open to being phished," added Onwarah.

Previously, several cases were reported, especially in the United Kingdom regarding the leakage of intimate videos while using sex toys. As most of these devices have built-in endoscopic cameras, a hacker from a distant place can easily view it and can later share it on porn websites.

This article was first published on March 7, 2018