Thai AirAsia flight delays departure after staff mistake sex toy for bomb

Authorities say a buzzing sex toy in one of the luggages was mistaken for an explosive device.

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A vibrating sex toy was mistaken for a bomb leading to the delay of a Thai AirAsia flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok on Wednesday morning.

Britain's Daily Star reported that the airline's staff heard a loud humming as they were loading a green rucksack onto the plane. The vibrator caused a panic among the staff as they feared it to be an explosive device.

The bomb disposal experts were immediately called to the runway at Chiang Mai International Airport to check the luggage.

However, after inspecting the bag, the authorities discovered that the sound had come from a silver vibrating bullet with a speed dial that had accidentally been turned on.

"We noticed the bag was shaking and there was a buzzing noise coming from inside. Obviously we were pretty scared because this could have been a bomb or some other explosive device," a baggage handler told The Star.

"But, when the experts arrived, they opened up the package and it was just a sex toy," he said.

"The passenger is unaware that their bag caused a security alert. I think they would be deeply embarrassed if they found out," the baggage handler added.

The flight was scheduled to leave Chiang Mai International Airport in Thailand at 8.25 am on Wednesday for Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok.

Due to the caused panic, the flight took off shortly after 8.30 am for its destination.

According to a Thai AirAsia spokesman, the item was not confiscated by the airline as it did not threaten aviation security.

"The flight was delayed by five minutes," the spokesman told the Daily Star.