The best Android apps to take advantage of phone sensors

Check these Android apps that make use of your phone sensors.

While sensors could be one of the most underrated smartphone features for some, other phone owners may be using it on a daily basis without even knowing it. However, one this is for sure that through this technology, smartphone owners today have been afforded the chance to enjoy their devices to the fullest.

If you have no idea which apps use smartphone sensors, here's a list of the best Android apps that you might want to check designed to make use of your phone sensors:

Wi-Fi Analyser

Overwhelmed by a tonne of Wi-Fi connections? Wi-Fi Analyser is the go-to app that helps you determine which channels are less crowded and which location is best to connect to a certain network. Download it here for free.

Wave to Unlock and Lock

Protect the power button by using your phone's sensor to lock and unlock the device. Once the Wave Unlock and Lock app is downloaded, head over to Settings and activate the Fix Unlock function. Remember that any system cleaning app will kill off the app once ran. Also, take note that the Xiaomi devices do not work well with this app; Xiaomi Redmi 3S is not supported. Download it here for free.

Star Chart

Star Chart is stargazing enthusiasts' best buddy. This app allows you to view stars more clearly by pointing your device at the sky. The app will tell you exactly which star you are looking at. Download Star Chart here for free.

Instant Heart Rate

The easiest way ever developed to monitor your heart rate is through a smartphone. With Instant Heart Rate, you just have to place the tip of your index finger on the phone's camera and get results in a matter of seconds. Can't believe it? Scientifically, the camera senses the colour changes on the fingertip that are directly linked to your pulse to determine your heartbeat's rhythm pace. Download it here for free.

Gravity Screen

Smartphone screens and power buttons should be thankful for this app. Gravity Screen automatically puts the screen off when placed flat on the table or inside the pocket. The phone automatically switches on when the app senses motion. Download it here for free.

IR Universal TV Remote

In this age, TV remote controllers are not as valuable as smartphones so it is not a surprise that lots of households lost theirs. No worries, though, because the IR Universal TV Remote app is the ideal remote control with the help of your smartphone. This app also helps control air conditioners, fans, lights, and everything that is built around a remote IR blaster. Download it here for free.