Want a new looking phone? Here's a list of Android's best app launchers

Check out these app launchers on Android with specific functions.

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Android has a plenty of app launchers that you can choose from based on your needs. If you are looking for one with specific function—may it be how stylish the interface, how vast are the themes, or how secure is your privacy—here is a list of the best app launchers that you can check out:

Peek Launcher

Unique yet simple, Peek Launcher boasts smart prediction that will suggest to you the apps you might need based on your location and your current activity. Your behaviour defines the app's suggestions. Fast and organised, the developer makes sure to deliver an optimum user experience with the launcher on top of various themes. It also comes with a built-in Google search box. Download Peek Launcher here.

Power+ Launcher

Power+ Launcher is touted to be an extreme battery-saving app as it automatically shuts down unused apps and running processes in the background. As a result, you get a faster performance and an extended battery time, huge thanks to its minimalist interface. The app also comes with a quick search on your phone to look for requested web pages, contacts, apps, documents, music, files, and more. Download Power+ Launcher here.

Buzz Launcher

Keeping a couple of awards under its belt, Buzz Launcher boasts of its highly customisable system. Users can even apply shared home screens. It is ad-free with more than 100,000 themes that you can use for free. Download Buzz Launcher here.

Lens Launcher

Lens Launcher has its own way of launching apps instead of just flipping through pages. The equispaced grid is designed to show all of your apps regardless of app count and screen size. The graphical fisheye lens, on the other hand, allows you to quickly zoom in, pan, and open apps using specific touch gestures. The latter is customisable according to your taste. Download Lens Launcher here.

Anole Launcher

Anole Launcher is specifically designed for those who are strict with their privacy as the app allows you to hide apps and freeze desktop from the home page. You cannot only hide your apps from the home screen because you can also put a lock on your privacy settings for double security. Download Anole Launcher here.

This article was first published on July 29, 2017