5 popular social networking apps you might have not downloaded yet

Here are five social apps with unique features.

Social networking sites are very popular today. Facebook is leading the pack with more than 2 billion active users since June 2017. Facebook is not alone in the cyber social space as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all come into play who gained their own popularity as well.

If you have been looking into social networking platforms, there are many popular apps available for free download. Here are five popular social networking apps to consider:


Imgur is the best platform for entertainment through photos and GIFs. From nature and science to viral images, you can get the best of the app each day to cure boredom with fresh contents generated daily. Popular topics include reaction GIFs, wtf moments, politics, anime, startled cats, and everything your creative mind could ever imagine. Download Imgur on Android and iOS.


Mastodon may not ring a bell but this open-source social networking app is slowly getting more popular. If you think this is another Facebook on the block, that's absolutely untrue. Big thanks to its salient feature that allows the users to create their own individual servers based on their personal interests. Download Mastodon on Android and iOS.


Google+ may be as popular as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but there are not as many active users. Google's social networking space is ideal for curating your interests through Collections. Google allows you to take full control of your home stream, or news feed, through user-based interests. A caveat though, this app is not for those who are obsessed with live videos and Stories (Go back to Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat). Hashtags are not used in this part of the internet. Download Google+ on Android and iOS.


Pinterest is a stylish app, to begin with. It is designed to inspire users in a lot of ways and topics. Whatever your interests are—fashion, food, home décor, photography, travel, and what not—this social space is for you to take advantage. Users have the ability to save ideas for later and orchestrate them in collections according to niche. Download Pinterest on Android or iOS.


Periscope is a Twitter-owned live video platform that works pretty much like Snapchat. you can discover popular live video streams from across the globe or look for them through location or topic searching. Download Periscope on Android or iOS.