Bell UFO Spotted in Switzerland Could be Replication of Kecksburg Incident, Claims Alien Hunter

The alleged bell UFO was spotted in the skies of Switzerland on June 20, at around 07.45 in the morning

bell UFO
Alleged Bell UFO spotted in Switzerland YouTube: Roi Soleil

A mysterious video captured from Lausanne, Switzerland is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien believers. The video was apparently shot in the early morning hours, and it was uploaded to YouTube by a channel named Roi Soleil. In the video, a bell-like UFO hovering across the skies.

Analysis by Alien Hunter

The video was later analyzed by popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring, and he suggested that it could be proof of something sinister going on in the skies. The self-styled researcher from Taiwan also added that the new UFO incident could be the replication of the Kecksburg UFO incident.

"This UFO is similar to the Kecksburg UFO incident back in Dec of 1965 that crashed in Pennsylvania. The ship is uniquely similar. I looked over the detail, the quality of the video, the coloration and fading from a distance...I can not find any flaws with it. It looks 100% real in all its aspects. An early morning alien encounter, this is a historical sighting indeed," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

What is the Kecksburg UFO Incident?

Kecksburg incident is widely considered as one of the most mysterious UFO events ever happened in history. It happened on December 9, 1965, at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Rumors regarding a UFO sighting was initially triggered on the evening of December 09, when thousands of local residents reported seeing a fireball in the skies.

After the crash, US Army Officials and the police soon sealed the entire area. Later, investigation officials revealed that there was no debris in the area of crash. However, several eyewitnesses claimed that the alleged UFO had a bell-shape.

In 2008, in an episode the Discovery Channel series Nazi UFO Conspiracy, it was suggested that the UFO that appeared in the skies of Kecksburg could be a Nazi bell flying machine, also known as Die Glocke. In 2011, the History Channel's Ancient Aliens claimed that the United States Army has actually covered up the facts surrounding the incident after they discovered Die Glocke from the crash site.