Did Hitler convince his followers that he was the second coming of Jesus?

The declassified file prepared by American spies called Adolf Hitler a sexually inept person who had an antipathy towards homosexuality

A new set of declassified CIA files has revealed that Adolf Hitler was once convinced he was actually the second coming of Jesus Christ. An investigation conducted by US spies in the 1940s suggested that Hitler had fantasized about being the second coming in his formative years before becoming the Fuhrer.

Hitler had the Messiah complex

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler

The 68-page personality profile compiled by US spies suggested that Adolf Hitler had the Messiah complex after emerging as the supreme leader in Germany. It should be noted that this personality profile was compiled just one year after the United States joined World War II, Daily Star reports.

Interestingly, this declassified file had an entire section that details Hitler's affinity of becoming Jesus, and he had several times told his close aides that he wished to become a Godly figure.

"Hitler's growing tendency to identify himself with the Messiah is shown in an incident which occurred in the spring of 1923. It is seen that Hitler's conception of the Messiah is not Christ crucified but Christ furious. Christ with a scourge" wrote the spies in the file.

It should be noted that Hitler initially developed this feeling of self-obsession after he formed the Nazi party in the 1920s. Nazi party led by Hitler also spread twisted ideologies, and they argued that Jesus Christ was actually an Aryan. Nazi followers also rejected all Jewish-written parts in the Bible.

Was Hitler sexually inept?

Apart from detailing Hitler's obsession towards becoming Messiah, these files also detail the Supreme leader's personality, interests, hobbies, physical fitness, diet habits, and sexual preferences.

In the file, spies described Hitler as a sexually inept person and had an antipathy towards homosexuality. The German leader also had relationships with a number of women in his life, but there is very little evidence regarding Hitler's alleged homosexual relationships.