Bae Suzy Fans Harass Majors' Suzy on Social Media; Here's Why

Budding idol Suzy from rookie girl group MAJORS is having a tough time on social media after harassment from a section of netizens. The fans of actress-singer Bae Suzy have targeted the newbie for a trivial reason.

Suzy Fans Harass Majors' Suzy on Social Media; Here's Why
Bae Suzy Fans Up with Newbie MAJORS' Suzy. Instagram

Yes, a section of people is harassing the rookie girl for sharing the same stage name as Bae Suzy. Further, she is being attacked by furious fans for having the same birth name, Bae Suji.

Six-Member Group
ANS Entertainment's MAJORS is a six-member group comprises of Ida, Vita, Aki, Bian, Suzy, and Shinye. They debuted with the digital single album "The Beginning of Legend" on 9 March.

People are accusing her of intentionally using the said names to draw the attention of Bae Suzy's fans and earn easy popularity. According to them, "there can only be one Suzy (Suji) and that is Bae Suzy (Suji)."

"You wanna use SUZY's name for clout you deal with the consequences. i dont even know who this girl is til you uploaded that stupid video without her groupname. you did that on purpose to promote this nameless girl. now stop playing the victim,[sic]" an angry fan writes.

"did you purposely use the stage name Suzy to make you famous? hahaha there is only 1 Suzy, this @skuukzky , what are you doing? " she added.

However, many fans have come to her rescue and slammed the fans of the leading actress who abused the newbie.

Supportive Messages for the Rookie SInger