Backstreet Rookie Spoilers and Cast Updates: Jung Saet Byul may Meet Ji Wook in Episode 1

SBS drama Backstreet Rookie will feature actor Kim Min Kyu of TV Chosun's historical fantasy thriller Selection: The War Between Women fame in a guest role.

Upcoming SBS drama Backstreet Rookie has released first look photos and character details of its lead cast members. The mini-series also revealed details about its guest star Kim Min Kyu. The romantic comedy-drama will premiere on SBS with the introduction of Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung as convenience store employees on June 12 at 10 p.m. KST.

In the mini-series, Chang Wook portrays convenience store owner Choi Dae Hyun. The first look photos of the character show him in his uniform. He is wearing a casual dress with a blue vest. The images highlight his hard work and sincerity to the job. According to the producers of the drama, Dae Hyun is an innocent, ordinary person with an upright personality.

Dae Hyun always greets his customers with a bright smile. He deals with his exhaustion during break time, the production team said in a statement. The clumsy smile and dark circles around his eyes will surely draw the attention of viewers, they added.

First Look Photos of Kim Yoo Jung

Actress Kim Yoo Jung will portray a part-time convenience store employee named Jung Saet Byul. Dae Hyun hired her to work the night shift, and she enjoys working there. In one of the first look photos of Yoo Jung, the character brightly smiles at a customer. The second image teases her struggles.

The show producers say that Yoo Jung is going to get a lot of love from viewers with the portrayal of Saet Byul. They describe the character as a loving and charming young woman with a fierce personality. She could become the savior of that convenience store one day.

Backstreet Rookie
Kim Yoo Jung as part-time convenience store employee Jung Saet Byul in SBS drama Backstreet Rookie SBS

Kim Min Kyu as Ji Wook

Selection: The War Between Women's fame Kim Min Kyu will be making a guest appearance in the show. He will portray an old friend of Saet Byul named Ji Wook, who was also an ordinary part-time convenience store employee. He rose to fame after successfully stopping a robbery all alone. He is now a well-known celebrity who receives a lot of love from the public.

One day, he accidentally runs into his former elementary school classmate Saet Byul at a convenience store. The first episode could reveal details about this coincidental meeting between two old friends. Watch the premiere of Backstreet Rookie on June 12 at 10 p.m. KST to know more about it.

Backstreet Rookie
Ji Chang Wook as convenience store owner Choi Dae Hyun in upcoming SBS drama Backstreet Rookie. SBS

The romantic comedy drama revolves around the complicated relationship between a convenience store owner and his part-time employee. The mini-series is based on a popular webcomic Convenience Store Saet Byul and is written by screenwriter Son Geum Joo of MBC drama My Sweet Family fame. The show is directed by producing director Lee Myung Woo of SBS drama The Fiery Priest Fame.