Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung-starrer Backstreet Rookie will air the penultimate and the final episodes of the drama this week on Friday and Saturday. The drama has reached the climax point and the episode 14 ended with Choi Dae Hyun (played by Ji Chang Wook) confessing his love to Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung) at last.

But the episode 13 and 14 had so many dramatic twists that the audience was really doubtful if the two protagonists will end up together. Even after facing "no reciprocation" of feelings from Dae Hyun, Saet Byul kept his faith in him and waited for him. Her prayers were answered and Dae Hyun started opening up to her after Yoo Yeon Joo (Han Sun Wa), his love interest, insulted his parents and broke up with him.

Backstreet Rookie
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Though it looked like it was over between Dae Hyun and Yeon Joo, the episode 14 was a shocker to Ji Chang Wook fans as Yeon Joo again changed her mind and confessed to Dae Hyun that she was sorry for whatever happened and she wanted to be by his side again. As one thinks that the relationship just got complicated, Ji Chang Wook's confession of love put the fans mind at ease.


Here is how to watch episode 15 and the finale of the drama Backstreet Rookie. The episode 15 will be streamed on August 7 at 10 p.m. KST on SBS channel. The drama will be available at 9 a.m. ET on iQIYI. The series is available on iQIYI with multi-language subtitles including English.

The final episode of the drama will be streamed on August 8 at the same time as of the previous episode. The show can also be watched on SBS' official website.

Penultimate, finale Spoilers

Episode 15 will show the wrath of Dae Hyun's mother, who is furious to know that her husband is with his first love. The SBS drama will also show the fate of Dal Sik and Guem Bi's love for each other.

The last two episodes will also show Eun Byul (Solbin) taking a decision on her career. After clearing her name with the help of her sister Saet Byul, will Eun Byul go back to the entertainment industry and prove herself or stay away and chose another career path will also be a major question that will be answered in the coming episodes.

Episode 15 will give insight into why and how Sae Byul fell for Dae Hyun. It is likely that she will open up to Dae Hyun while accepting his proposal. But this leaves the audience with another question, if Dae Hyun was good at Taekwando and was training under Saet Byul's father, why did he quit?

Is Saet Byul and Dae Hyun's relationship ill-fated one? Does Dae Hyun have anything to do with Saet Byul's father's death? With these questions, it looks like Yeon Joo is not the only problem between the protagonists but there are more sever hurdles to be crossed before Dae Hyun and Saet Byul become a couple.

Along with Backstreet Rookie, tvN drama It's Okay To Not be Okay starring Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji will also air its last two episodes this week on August 8 and 9.