Backstreet Rookie Actor Ji Chang Wook's Convenience Store Stint Goes Wrong; Agency Says Sorry

Ji Chang Wook worked at a GS25 store for real, bringing traffic to a halt and causing a large crowd amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Backstreet Rookie star Ji Chang Wook attracted a large crowd of fans at Sinchon as the news of him working as an employee for a day at a GS25 store on August 3 spread. Ji Chang Wook's agency Glorious Entertainment apologized to the people for agreeing for the event that pulled a large crowd during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ji Chang Wook's agency as well as the GS25 store said that the event was promoted as a public event by mistake, where it was announced that the customers can meet Ji Chang Wook as a store employee.

"Back on August 3, a schedule in which Ji Chang Wook was supposed to carry out filming in Seoul was incorrectly promoted as a customer event at 'GS25'. We would like to apologize for our failure to respond accordingly when the massive crowd gathered at the convenience store," stated Glorious Entertainment.

Ji Chang Wook
Fans gathered in large number as Ji Chang Wook was working at a GS25 store at Sinchon for a promotional event on August 3. Instagram

Ji Chang Wook's Employee Sting Goes Wrong

Reacting to the same, GS25 convenience store too issued an apology. "On August 3, actor Ji Chang Wook was scheduled to film promotional content with GS25. However, during the filming, an employee incorrectly posted via SNS that filming was taking place at the location (Sinchon). It was improperly promoted via SNS as a kind of event for consumers to come and meet Ji Chang Wook, causing a serious misunderstanding. Too many people overcrowded the site so that we were forced to halt all filming early," the store stated.

The event did not have anything to do with the drama Backstreet Rookie but was a promotional event of the GS25 store that used the fact that Ji Chang Wook acted as the owner of a convenience store GS25 in the drama.

The social media post that announced Ji Chang Wook's filming at the Sinchon branch of GS25 led to a commotion as fans stormed the store premises blocking the entire stretch of the road, halting the traffic movement for hours. According to the schedule, Ji Chang Wook was supposed to work in the store till 6 p.m. but had to wind up at 2.30 p.m. due to the growing crowd.

The event might have been planned as a scene from the drama Backstreet Rookie, where actor Kang Ji Hoon (played by Kim Min Kyu) works at the Sinchon GS25 store owned by Ji Chang Wook for a day as a promotional activity, was a hit. Probably the store brand wanted to use it for promotion in real life too this time using the fame of Ji Chang Wook.