Attention PUBG players! This multiplayer FPS game will let you earn real Bitcoins

The game will offer its players to earn satoshis as bounty by hunting down the competitors

To counter the immense popularity of the multiplayer game PubG, Donnerlab, a relatively new player in the game-developer market has unleashed a new game. Dubbed Bitcoin Bounty Hunt, the first-person-shooter (FPS) is a lightning-native game.

For the uninitiated, Lightning network is a payment protocol to allow faster micropayments (usually in satoshis), between two nodes. Meaning, the game will offer its players to earn satoshis as bounty by hunting down the competitors.

How will the game work?

The FPS game will come with an in-built neutrino wallet, which will work as a gamer's wallet. The Bitcoin Bounty Hunt will also feature an ad space for Hodl-auctions. However, Donnerlab is not the first game offering cryptocurrency to its gamers.

Fortnite is one of the most popular lightning-enabled games in this genre, which is already embraced by many players worldwide. Satoshis, a Bitcoin-enabled game developer start-up tipped about a new game called Lightnite, with similar bounty hunting and rewarding strategy.

Representational Image: Bitcoin Pixabay

What happens in games like this?

In such games, a player can earn or lose money in cryptocurrency according to their live progress. All the transactions in these games happen in real-time via the lightning network. If a gamer withdraws from the game at a certain point in time, they can take off the wallet balance in real-time.