'Arcademy' Awards 2019? Apple to host a special awards ceremony for the best apps and games of 2019 on Dec 2

The Cupertino giant will be honouring its best apps and games at a special press event in New York City on December 2

Apple has just announced that it will be hosting a special event on December 2 in New York City. And no, we won't see any new product launches at the event, instead the event will be focusing on "honoring" the tech giant's "favorite apps and games of 2019."

The December 2 event is a little unexpected and surprising at the same time because Apple has been typically issuing a press release detailing its favorite apps and games of the years in the past, but this time around it has announced a full-fledged press event.

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The audience assembles before the start of Apple's annual developer conference in San Jose, California, U.S. June 5, 2017 REUTERS/Stephen Lam/File Photo

The invite for the event reads: "Loved by millions. Created by the best."

Not listed on Apple website

According to a CNBC report, Apple could be holding some sort of an awards ceremony instead of just a press release which used to be the case previously. However, the company isn't expected to announce any new products and the event is also not listed on Apple's event website as well.

Meanwhile, Apple has been working hard to curate its subscription-based services, Apple Arcade and Apple TV Plus by adding more content, and the awards ceremony is just another step in that direction. It will be interesting to see how Apple Arcade holds up, now that the competition is only going to heat up with the launch of Google's cloud-based game streaming service, Google Stadia, which is slated to be officially announced today.

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