Asia Fan Meeting Tour 2022: Extraordinary Attorney Woo Actress Park Eun Bin to Visit Singapore

Actress Park Eun Bin, who captured the attention of several K-drama fans through the portrayal of young lawyer Woo Young Woo in the hit mini-series Extraordinary Attorney Woo, will visit her fans in various parts of Asia in the upcoming days. The began from Manila in the Philippines on October 23.

The actress will visit her fans in other Asian countries, including Japan and Singapore, in the upcoming tour. Eun Bin held her first solo fan meeting titled Eun Bun Note: Binkan in South Korea last month. As the actress kick-starts her first overseas fan meeting, here is everything to know about the event, including the dates, venue, ticket sales, and other details.

Her agency, Namoo Actors, said the fan meetings would feature memorable moments. They will create a page to feature precious memories. The firm also requested affectionate interest and support from international fans for the upcoming events, which will take place in the next few weeks.

Actress Park Eun Bin
Actress Park Eun Bin Instagram

"Following the passionate love of domestic fans, Park Eun Bin's first Asian fan meeting tour will be held for overseas fans who have shown a lot of reactions and attention. As it is the first time to meet with overseas fans, we are preparing to create a page of precious memories. We ask for your affectionate interest and support for the upcoming performances", the entertainment agency shared.

Asia Fan Meeting Tour 2022 Park Eun Bin

Extraordinary Attorney Woo actress Park Eun Bin began her Asia Fan Meeting Tour 2022 in Manila in the Philippines on October 23. She will visit her followers in Bangkok, Singapore, and Tokyo next month. The Philippines event took place at the New Frontier Theatre in Manila on Sunday at 6 pm local time.

The actress received lots of love and support from her fans in Manila during the fan meeting. She is now preparing for the upcoming events in Bangkok, Singapore, and Tokyo, which will take place in November.

Eun Bin joined the entertainment world as a child actress and received love from K-drama fans. Some of her famous works include Stove League, Do You Like Brahms?, and The Kings Affection.