Ashleigh Watts: Virginia Mom Who Raped Two Teenage Twins Asked Cops to Wait Outside While She Put on a Bra as They Came to Arrest Her

Watts reportedly started her alleged predatory behavior toward the brothers more than a year before her arrest.

The 38-year-old mom who raped two 15-year-old twin boys insisted that cops wait outside while she put on a bra as authorities tried to search her home for a missing teenager. Ashleigh Watts was arrested for allegedly having sex and sexually abusing a missing teen as well as his twin brother.

Watts was first arrested after cops arrived at her Chesapeake, Virginia home in July while searching for the teenager. However, she looked confident and asked the officers to wait outside while she put on a bra and let her dogs out. She is now facing three felony charges for not only the alleged assaults of the boy but his twin brother as well.

Did Not Care About Cops and Her Arrest

Ashleigh Watts
Ashleigh Watts Twitter

Officers found the teenager in late July hiding inside the home's bedroom. At the time, he was clad only in his boxers and was quickly taken into custody of Chesapeake Juvenile Services.

During the subsequent questioning regarding his relationship with Watts, the teen disclosed to authorities that the mother of two had allegedly made assurances of leaving her husband and eloping with him once he reached the age of 17.

"Officers advised several minutes later that Watts returned to the door with her two dogs still in the residence, allowing them to enter," court records obtained by Law & Crime state.

"As officers removed the mattress in an upstairs bedroom, they were able to see a white male juvenile hiding in a small space that was only wearing boxer briefs.

"When asked by officers if he was [the runaway boy], he advised he was and presented his Learner's Permit."

Later, the 15-year-old admitted having sex with Watts since June 2022. According to a probable cause affidavit, the youngster confided in a neighbor and told him about the inappropriate behavior.

Authorities claimed the boy admitted that he was in love with Watts and that she planned to "divorce her husband and they would get married when he became 17 years old."

Shamelessly Had Sex For Months While Helpless Husband Watched

Ashleigh Watts
Ashleigh Watts Twitter

According to court documents, the twins lived across the street and shared a friendship with Watts' son, who was approximately the same age. Watts reportedly started her alleged predatory behavior toward the brothers more than a year before her arrest.

Watts' husband and one of the parents of the boys informed authorities that their families had previously shared a close friendship. This relationship was so intimate that both households practiced an "open door rule," allowing family members from either side to freely enter and exit each other's homes, as detailed in the report.

The parent added that it was customary for the twins to spend time at the Watts residence due to the close age proximity between Watts' son and the twins.

The police launched an investigation into the mother of two after receiving an anonymous tip in February, which indicated a suspected sexual relationship involving the boys.

Coincidentally, during that same time, Watts' husband found her topless on the couch with the teenager when he returned home at 2 am. According to a criminal complaint, the husband mentioned that the boy appeared to be pretending to be asleep.

The teenagers reportedly told their parents that they had visited Watts' home to smoke marijuana and eventually fell asleep. They reportedly denied engaging in sex, as reported by People.

However, the teenager later alleged that she would inappropriately touch him despite his objections. The parents of the teenagers, along with Watts' husband, sought protective orders against her.

In the legal filings by her estranged husband, significant sums of money, marijuana, and a prepaid cell phone were reportedly found after her arrest.

If found guilty, Watts could be jailed for up to 30 years.