Are Humans Extraterrestrials? Experts Describe How Aliens will Look Like

Vandermeer claimed that hope and fear of humans have played a vital role in picturizing aliens in movies.

The universe is so huge and mighty beyond human imagination, and several space experts believe that life could be thriving on habitable space bodies outside the solar system. Exploring this human curiosity, several Hollywood directors have depicted aliens in movies. Some movies have portrayed aliens as those innocent little green men, while other flicks depict extraterrestrials as invaders of the blue planet.

Decoding the Looks of Aliens

Jeff Vandermeer, the co-editor of the Big Book of Science Fiction, revealed that images of alien life have been there in the minds of humans for centuries, but it was after the 1960s that these creatures started gracing the big screen. According to Vandermeer, the fear and hope of humans regarding the existence of aliens have played a crucial role in shaping the visualization of aliens in movies.

Reptilian aliens
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"A lot of times it would be about either aliens coming to earth and being in some way horrifying, or going to Mars and finding that life was pretty horrifying there, too. They're reflections of our hopes and fears, and not necessarily an accurate feeling of what an alien might be, you know, it's like not biologically correct," said Vandermeer, WUSF News reports.

Are Humans Aliens?

Vandermeer suggested that there are several unbelievable living beings within the earth, especially in the sea. The author also suggested that humans could be aliens who have built their colony on earth.

"I think sometimes we forget that there's a lot of alien life on our planet. There's a lot of really beautifully strange organisms that we don't even understand. I sometimes feel like we are the aliens, coming down to a planet that we don't fully understand and we've settled on and live on without fully grasping the ecosystems here," added Vandermeer.

A few weeks back, legendary boxer Mike Tyson had also shared similar remarks while talking in the Joe Regan podcast. During the talk, Tyson claimed that humans could be most probably descendants of aliens from deep space.

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