Are Aliens Real? Photographer Spots Alleged UFO Crash Site in Devon

The photographer revealed that the UFO crash site in Devon seemed spooky, and he even heard unknown screams

UFO Crash site
Alleged UFO crash site YouTube: SWNS

A photographer who saw a wide swathe of flattened trees believes it could have happened due to a UFO crash. The images were captured by Plymouth-based photographer Ben Landricombe, and he claims to have spotted this impact area in the dense woods around Meddon, near Barnstaple, DevonBen Landricombe.

Did a UFO Crash Into the Woods?

According to a report published in Devon Live, Landricombe discovered the alleged UFO crash site, as he was walking along with his dog through the woods on July 13, at around 04.00 PM. After spotting the flattened trees, an excited Landricombe captured some images, and he soon came to the assumption that a UFO crash might have caused the impact.

"Found a crash site in the woods - could be UFO. I stopped to take the dog for a walk in the woods today as we're camping. We took the dog for a walk and it felt eerie and we walked about a mile and came across this. We took the pictures and then felt someone was watching us and heard weird sounds so we ran back to our camper. Something strange about this place," said Landricombe.

Landricombe added that he will not return to the place once again, as he felt the area spooky and he even claimed to have heard screams from the area. Even though there is no evidence of a spacecraft crash-landed in the woods, Ben strongly believes that something has created an impact in this area.

Mysteries Surrounding Alien Abduction

A few months back, legendary Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona had claimed that he was once abducted by a group of extraterrestrial aliens in a UFO. Maradona also added that he went missing for three days after the abduction.

"Why make things up ah? Once after a few too many drinks, I went missing from home for three days. They took me, I cannot tell you about it," said Maradona.

Maradona's claims soon went viral online, but skeptics claimed that the footballer might be in a high while making these comments on alien abduction.

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