Apple's iPhone 8 might cost you insane amount of money: Check updates

Several rumours have started floating around regarding the price of the upcoming iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 release is around the corner and everyone is aware that in order to get their hands on this 10th anniversary iPhone, one will have to cough up a ton of moolah.

The wait is nearly over, as, reportedly, the Cupertino-based tech giant will be revealing its device of the year, iPhone 8, at an event on September 12. And now, we might have an idea of how much this much-hyped iPhone would cost. Get ready to raise the eyebrows.

According to the latest rumours, the 10th anniversary iPhone's 64GB variant will debut with a price tag of $999 (about SGD1351.13), reported leaker Benjamin Geskin (via Mashable). Meanwhile, the 512 GB variant of the phone could cost as high as $1,200 (around SGD1622.98).

Geskin said that he has gathered this information from a friend of a friend, who works at Apple. Although the source sounds a little shaky, other reports have also echoed almost the same numbers too. According to 9to5 Mac max price of the upcoming iPhone would be $1,000.

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Rumours have suggested that the iPhone 8 will come with a screen, which will cover the whole face, an extraordinary camera with facial recognition technology, wireless charging, and no Touch ID unlocking. But according to a recent survey, which included 400 iPhone owners, people aren't any more hyped than they were for the iPhone 7 and that phone had just some minor upgrades from its predecessor.