Rumoured wireless charging technology in iPhone 8, if materialises, will cost you a bomb

You won't be able to use just another third-party manufacturer created wireless charging pad with iPhone 8

iphone 8

Tech giants are not a philanthropic lot but then again, there are certain things which are just common courtesies. Now, there have been a lot of rumours, over the Internet, regarding Apple's upcoming iPhone8 and one of that is particularly disconcerting.

There have been strong vibes that the latest iteration of the iPhone, which is expected to be launched in September, will come with wireless charging technology. However, if that happens it will not be good for our pockets. In Android devices, wireless charging is pretty much a mainstay these days; however, in case of Apple, iPhone 8 would be the first device to get wireless charging feature.

According to reports, Tim Cook and his team are planning to 'lock' the iPhone 8 into using this technology, but in order to make use of the wireless charging you will have to buy a pad separately from Apple or any of the Apple authorized manufacturers. This means, you will have to shell out money for the iPhone 8, which, rest assured, will not be easy on your pocket and on top of that you have to spend separately for the pad that wirelessly charges it.

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When it comes to Android devices, most of us can just make use of a third party hardware, which is much cheaper and works amazingly well. However, with Apple, this won't be possible. Any third party manufacturer that is not licensed under Apple's "Made for iPhone" program won't be able to devise any wireless charging device that can work with iPhone 8. You will have to buy the Apple authorized pad in order to make use of the technology.

A report by Forbes also suggests that the tech giant will not be giving its users wireless charging capabilities out of the box. This will be later provided via iOS 11 software update, which will first check if the pad which is being used is authorized by Apple or not. If it's not, then it will not charge the phone using the same. That's, however, not the end of the problems. This wireless technology will apparently run at just 7.5 watts, which is quite less compared to the 15 watts, that is usually offered by other devices.

However, remember that this is still a rumour and has not been confirmed yet. So, all we can do is have our fingers crossed and pray our hearts out that this doesn't come true.

This article was first published on August 28, 2017