Apple's $400 Mac Pro wheels are missing this feature and they literally can't stop rolling

Mac Pro
Apple Mac Pro has a cheese grater-like design Apple USA

Apple flabbergasted everyone when it announced the Pro Display XDR at $4,999 and just when everyone was thinking that the price was too high for a monitor, it dropped another bombshell when it announced that it would sell a special Pro Display Stand separately for $999.

But if you thought that was a ridiculous price for just a display stand that could let the Pro Display XDR do some yoga, you will be surprised beyond belief when we say Apple recently announced another ridiculously expensive accessory for its most powerful and most expensive Mac ever.

We're talking about the "wheels" for the cheese grater-inspired Mac Pro for which Apple is asking a whopping $400.

Apple's $400 wheels for Mac Pro

Now, you may try to justify that Apple should have something technical and advanced going on with the "wheels" for it to be priced so high. No matter how much tech Apple has stuffed into the normal-looking "skateboard" wheels, they seem to miss out on a very important feature. The Mac Pro wheels have no locks to prevent the $5,999 Mac Pro from rolling.

Can't stop rolling

While we agree that Apple provided the wheels to make moving the heavy Mac Pro around easy, we certainly cannot fathom the rationale for the price for something so basic. Now the revelation that the ultra-expensive wheels don't come with locks makes them pretty pointless and the price more laughable.

The absence of the locks on the wheels was pointed out by YouTuber Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD who posted a video on Twitter showing the Mac Pro rolling away on a floor. He captioned the video with the hashtag #protip "don't get the wheels if you keep this thing on your desk. There's no locks." (sic)

Apple's overpriced add-ons

Considering that the Mac Pro starts at $5,999 just for the base configuration, nobody would definitely want it to roll off from literally anywhere and get damaged. While the Pro Display Stand actually had some practical function, you know how to swivel the Pro Display XDR vertically and all that, the wheels have no other purpose. They merely allow you to easily move the Mac Pro around the office floor, which is something most people won't be doing anyway.