It takes 6000 Chrome tabs to max out Apple's 2019 Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro
Apple Mac Pro YouTube Grab

Apple's latest Mac Pro is perhaps one of the most powerful computers out there but even the most powerful computers have a breaking point where they max out. In the case of the Mac Pro, all it took was 6000 Google Chrome tabs.

According to an iMore report, YouTuber Jonathan Morrison maxed out the memory of a Mac Pro by opening 6000 tabs in Google Chrome.

Mac Pro was indestructible so far

The self-described "tech reviewer" who runs the popular YouTube channel told, has been putting the Mac Pro through its paces over the last couple of months.

Previously, he has managed to run 16K video playback on the Mac Pro, and that too only using just one of its graphics cards. 16K is four times the resolution of 4K.

Morrison also got two world-renowned music producers, Andrew Dawson and Jackson Foote, to push the 2019 Mac Pro to its limit as part of his review. But even the two musicians who collaborated with up-and-coming artist WOLF to create a song from scratch using Logic Pro X couldn't make the 28-Core Mac Pro break a sweat.

However, it now seems that the Mac Pro has finally given up.

The stages of death

Morrison posted a hilarious Twitter thread on his handle @tldtoday on January 7. The first tweet shows Google Chrome was using an abnormally high 75GB of RAM. 75GB RAM is no joke as most computers don't even have this much of RAM. But Morrison didn't stop at that and kept opening the Chrome tabs to see just how much more the Mac Pro could take.

He posted screenshots along with hilarious memes to show every landmark he'd reached. First when he reached 2000 tabs and then at 3000 tabs.

Everything seemed all right up until this point with Chrome using 126GB of RAM, which is a figure that's simply hard to fathom for most. However, when Morrison opened 6000 tabs, things flew over the roof as Chrome's memory usage hit an insane 857GB!

At this point Morrison exclaimed "guys it's climbing rapidly computer might explode lol".

The breaking point

He again posted a tweet to show when he reached the 1TB RAM landmark, and his final tweet before the Mac Pro went black simply said "CODE RED". At this breaking point, Chrome had used an out-of-this-world 1,401.42GB (1.4TB) of RAM.

Fortunately for Morrison, there wasn't any major explosion or fire. Morrison has tweeted since and he seems to be all right. But the same cannot be said about the Mac Pro though. It must be happy to have finally been freed from the torture that Morrison has been subjecting it to over the last couple of months.